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    Watch out for all the underage girls fathers...... "I backtraced it!, and contacted the cyber police!!!!"
  2. What a fucking scene!!!! Hands down my favorite character, and his best scene to date. It was fucking awesome! Richard Harrow is necessary for the shows greatness.
  3. See you in 4 years. SiK ELecTion!
  4. The problem with you is when a comment is sarcastic you take it seriously, and went its serious you think it's sarcastic. Facepalm jpeg reroute ....... Furthermore, that quote is on a lot of different pages. (Google it) if you would take the time to look it up, but you don't want to. Even if you did see it, it's not a real quote, because some Romney lover must of put it there. Obviously a Fox News funded website (Sarcasm*). Never the less, if that quote isn't real, those statements are the truth. Your to busy jerking off Democrats, that anything which makes you look like a fool, is ludicrous.
  5. Who goes to Wal Mart? This has got to be a joke. Next time you buy something look where its manufactured. Chances are most of the shit you own isn't even made in America anymore. So that statement holds some truth to it, even though it's that ranting of a person, who obviously made a fucking joke. If you couldn't tell from the beer and hooker part.
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