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Everything posted by famecrazy

  1. :lol: :lol: :lol: you're a homo right?
  2. i'm a little late to the party here, probably because i don't come here often. anyway, happy b'day Shai. A very cool mother fucker. i'll hit you up again next time i'm back in the bay (nh?} w00t
  3. Miss you bro mad homo :heartbeat:
  4. glad you're back bro, it's been hard holdin' it down as the only other nigga here. west syyyyyyyyyyyde
  5. i appreciate you popping in though. god bless.
  6. Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA I went to Cuba from Montreal last year. For you, the best place to get through would be Mexico City. Miami now does semi-regular flights, but i think you need to have relatives there to get on that flight.
  7. I been working man, don't have the time for the oontz I used to, unfortunately. I knew you'd miss me you cuddly mother fucker :p Ps- you white as fuck , don't make me post that suicide photo ha ha
  8. i don't approve of interracial relations.
  9. Re: Name my new dog saber tooth (msk)
  10. you acting like a black person b. pay yo bills
  11. ha ha. i love that video, depicts Australia perfectly. Rock on white people, don't let the black man suppress us any longer!
  12. This shit is wild. God save the Queen!
  13. post flicks, no one cares about what any of you have to say.
  14. Re: So I hung out w/"Banksy"... What the fuck u do.... I met Bill Clinton, well not really, but if i did i wouldn't tell you fuckers.
  15. I bet the girls are easy in Fall River.
  16. thanks Drue, but i need global stats i think those are only giving me usa stats i need to total number of unique visits per month for a 12 month period.
  17. I need to run web analytics on about 50 websites for a work report. Is there a site I can get this info for free? thanks dewds!
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