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  1. grew up on the internet...product of 12oz amongst others. also about to watch this..
  2. all I've heard about gone girl is you get a millisecond side view of bartlebys cock and its the size of a small child
  3. i watched half of it because it was a shitty cam version but im about to check a good copy after i finish district 9 with the girly, she couldnt believe the "favela" towns were real :lol: but im looking forward to finishing it, i really didnt like the 2001 space oddity obelisk robot that shit was weird
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jR4q61byve4 i laughed a lot. its a bit slow i enjoyed some of it a lot
  5. ill pay a florida crack head $20 and a pair of nike air max 90s if he rapes and stabs his ass hole.
  6. I see the old stickies are gone and so I have decided to create this for all your psn, xbox and steam accounts. I am currently playing gta 5 on xbox360 my gamer tag is furiousfister66 catsss crew send me a message if you would like to have some cyber fun on the streets of los santos, i will be upgrading consoles etc later this year.
  7. https://www.facebook.com/britainfirstgb?fref=ts 342,000 people need a lobotomy, do what you want with this i don't really care i just like seeing them annoyed..
  8. i started some work based on the atrocities committed by the americans in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.. a lot of my work recently has been based on ma turrorrist ideologies all done with pencil, compressed white chalk and the charles whitman bit was acrylic and some other shit i cant remember but eh enjoy my yearly updates
  9. i don't think i ever posted up photos of my lady but here she is, unfortunately she was hit by a car on friday morning and the driver just left her to die about 10 feet from her front fucking door, she was on her morning stroll just minding her own. First thing my little sister said was 'cant you make her alive again'... like what kind of heartless prick just hits an animal and drives on theres a fucking vet 2 minutes from where they hit her too and whats worse is they live right here i just don't know who the fuck is responsible yet. SHE EVEN ATE PIZZA. anyway look how fucking pretty this bish is.
  10. armand hammer


    ma fram and furks with da phat ass bars i has no whills yet though so i just huvr
  11. yes, you fail because you are married and eat brunch in a cafe full of hipsters. I'm not writing to make you change your ideas, I'm not american. I don't expect the rest of the world to eat my shit and called it chocolate. I just like asking why, and I wonder why a man decides to get married and then instead of enjoying brunch and a nice morning with his wife comes home to rant about kids on the internet. you cannot and never will have enough influence on this world to change a single thing, you and your life are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, much like this thread and even this entire forum. so i was just asking what happened to you? why you dislike large beards and my conclusion is you are just a hater, but oh no no you have a beard? oh you shaved it? you are no different or better, you are boring. if you had put this much effort into a post about something you found happiness in this thread would probably have gotten interesting. But no you are just a cynical man past his prime stuck with a woman and not too sure what the hell happened to your life. ps. if you had been just discussing trends and fashion you would have, you just moaned about beards and thought you were writing like Chomsky to set us free from the influence of beards and hipsters. The influence of fashion is there to make people feel better about themselves and those with a brain will create themselves and set themselves apart from the trend following sheep by using the fashions of either current, past or even future times to achieve this. where as others will just blindly follow because they lack the free thinking originality of those they hate and despise as they are different. There is about as much use arguing a trend as there is arguing against homosexuality. The shit will always be there long before and long after your minuscule life. tldr; you are married, hate kids and the way they look, think you have something to say, your mums your dad. calm the fuck down and find something worth doing.
  12. yeah but after a quick browse its on another level these days, there's more self loathing in here than most teen girls tumblr pages. jesus
  13. Has stubble and shaves somewhat regularly, had a beard due to lack of care for appearance, entirely the opposite of this mans apparent hatred for cool kids. no shave november happened here only 2 years ago have you all forgotten? 12oz being hipsters, before hipsters were hip?
  14. You have a wife and eat brunch in a cafe surrounded by hipsters, you my friend failed before you even started this hateful nonsensical thread. Could it be that all your life you have longed for the ability to enjoy the hairs on your chinny chin chin? and in a world rife with manly men with beards to their toes and goatees of gold you lack the testosterone levels to muster a millimeter of hair from that acne ridden fast food loving skin of yours? did your wife perhaps say she liked a man with a beard and thus began this torrid affair of misguided hate, perhaps your father had a beard and as a child mocked you for your slender shape and skinny arms, emasculating you from the beginning? I understand you dislike people but their lives do not affect you, your live yours and they live theirs, that's all there is to it. You may be a complete and total idiot but i do not let it ruin my day, I smile much like everyone in forest gump and let you get on with it. I'm sure i could start a thread in which we all sit down and discuss the many reasons you decided to take 30-45 minutes of your day to not post anything remotely new, challenging, engaging or at all humorous but instead create a four page orgy of retarded comments misguided views and uninteresting jibba jabba. We could discuss why you are not interesting, we could move on to where this life of failure began and then somewhere along the lines we may find the definitive moment you decided to be a hater. look inwards brother and you will find peace. PS. Muslims and any other beardy religious purpose is the same as people doing it cos its cool. Contradictions. Everywhere. PPS. Except vikings, that is a symbol of "I will pillage and rape your life". Which is pretty cool.
  15. Re: ex-cop on cop killing spree in CA civilian casualties are most likely being set up to further vilify him after he is gunned down. i hope he ganks the whole department
  16. armand hammer


    of cowboy boots, faggot frills on low leather Lacoste, prison slippers and moon boots? yeah i like them i'm just not sure about the colours they don't match my 5 panel or my hawaiin shirt and mustard chinos.
  17. armand hammer


    you people buy some ugly fucking shoes. christ.
  18. bit from today close up.. unfortunately i couldn't get a better shot of it all and there are no letters i just had a fun day throwing colours and shit
  19. thats a pencil of some kind and some compressed charcoal i think im not suuure i just used what was in the cupboard.
  20. all will be revealed when i draw le hat..or hats.
  21. another over sized upload if you can tell who it is I applaud you.
  22. just placement, the eyes noses and general facial shapes all seem a bit off. moooooooooore layers also i think with more layers, depth, colours etc you could create some awesome work, read a few books fuck with ideas and keep going.
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