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  1. autoteller

    Pizza Appreciation Thread

    Moonlight pizzeria in Salida, CO is the best pizza I've ever had, even out east. That is all
  2. autoteller

    The 12oz Middle Life Thread - Let's do this.

    Ok sooki, I'm posting! Pretty sure this wasn't my username. I think it was crackteeth. So. I quit my job, started my own businesses and moved 2500 miles away from home. Became a grower. Built a farm. Built another farm. Now I do stuff and things/consult for large commercial grows and have been speculating the idea of expanding across the country. I used to post on here in my underwear in an overcrowded apartment and now i'm in my own house on my computer phoje . I have no idea how I went from catching felonies from graffiti to this but hey. Who fucking knows. Why trivialize it. (Now) I like rally cars, building drones although I've been too busy to do it lately, my stupid dog, and guitars. I am a grown man that still skateboards regularly.
  3. autoteller

    One line of a lyric that sums up how you FEEL right this second

    Lost my money at the tables, but I got it back in Cee-lo
  4. autoteller

    Movie Recommendation Thread

    If you don't like this movie, you're either mexican or a total fucking loser.
  5. autoteller

    >>> 2014 Mµ§iç †h®∑∆d <<< Tradition Edition V2.0

  6. autoteller

    last thing you ate?

    Crazy maki, pork fried rice, and shrimp dumplings. Arsenic.
  7. autoteller

    Instagram. how does it work?

  8. autoteller

    Random facebook picture from hell

    I'm sorry, I'll make sure my next thread is about a festie, another year of the same dumbass sports, or graff gossip. Forgot the rules, sorry ladies.
  9. autoteller

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    I had to take a gigantic shit that's lasted about 15 minutes. Seems to be the only time I go onto the forum anymore.
  10. autoteller

    Fall River (The asshole of Massachusetts)

    Oh, and now 3/4 of the crimes in eastie aren't reported now too because they're trying like hell to gentrify the area. Food for thought. If they fucking force out santarpio's though, there'll be hell to pay
  11. autoteller

    Fall River (The asshole of Massachusetts)

    And half of roxbury is now composed of white as a ghost college kids. Surprisingly milton is getting a huge runoff of crackheads because they're cleaning dorchester and parts of murderpan up.
  12. autoteller

    Fall River (The asshole of Massachusetts)

    Fuck outta here, revere is where you go to get good italian. You're thinking of lynn these days, bruh. The italians are cleaning that shit up!
  13. autoteller

    Random facebook picture from hell

    So, everyone has just randomly clicked around from profile to profile looking at pictures. I did just that today. I clicked on a picture with a girl that has an amazing ass, and noticed said amazing ass only had one friend. This man was the 'one friend'. This picture is AMAZINGLY fucked up. Small child wearing dirty clothing, check. Junkie still presumably tied off while in his underwear, check. Wigger junkie in football jersey and backwards fitted (i.e. the new england special, the telltale style for your normal perc head in the new england area), check. Random gun sitting in the middle of a bed, check. Discuss.
  14. autoteller

    Instagram. how does it work?

    I work hard to make my dreams a reality. That's what I have a vision board for.