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  1. is any one else sick of all these comic book posts? Go start a comic book thread. its the same shit every time. cool, you can mimic a comic book or picture. go do something original
  2. If anyone feels this thread has been slow lately, go check out page one. I forgot how much epic content there is
  3. complex


    anyone have any SYM or JUSE pics as of late. holla if ya do
  4. Agreeable. Only got worse farther into the knee pocket. Personal opinion.
  5. dayum chasing the sun is super tight
  6. complex


    bunch of toys getting pinched in cicni. http://www.local12.com/mostpopular/story/University-of-Cincinnati-Students-Charged-For/6hnPGVFV2EKlTXMD6PyR3A.cspx theres a few seconds in the begging of a misery piece though
  7. I may not have chosen the right term, but what I am trying to define is loosely defined. To illustrate what I am saying, here are two examples. Notice in both photos there is a flower at the bottom. The first flower is very traditional american. two colors, red green, standard outline. In the next photo has a stylized twist, lots of color, bolder outline, but still maintains the shape and form of the original american classic flower. Now one may say " oh thats just the difference between a good and bad tattoo. But this is only to people like us who are constantly observing tattoo form/ style/ etc. So ultimately how would one define the style in the second photo, which is what I meant by "american modern?"
  8. If anyone lives in NYC and has experience with modern american (which I know some people in here must) and would like to give me some advice as where to go hit me with a PM. I'll be living here for a few months. I've of course traveled to a few shops but i'm looking for that local knowledge. Again in a PM not to take up board space. Or anyone not in the city who has buddies who are still here.
  9. i see a lot of people be getting wolfs recently. Disclaimer: rl notice not forum perspective
  10. complex


    fuck yeah HORSE. for those of you who never come to the 513 (props to hoer and zewoh for rollin) merje hardly has shit. TA is just a group of people who likes to fight and occasionally paint on the side. I know because they have been threatened to fight in the yard for no reason at all. Its just what they do. Thats fine, people are going to fight, i have no beef with that. I just want other people to know who view this thread what the real truth is. I'm 100% positive someone from TA will be here soon talkin mad shit. but when it comes to the amount of actual spots people still paint, and paint first by the way. ta just aint it. In the past yeah they were the dopest crew around. but now..... strictly fighting and beefing
  11. complex


    nice to see the 513 216 connectivity
  12. complex


    Rekobi be blasting the town. But how the fuck do you pronounce that shit?
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