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Ok so me and a bunch of my buddies got onto this website and we typed in our area and the zip code like it prompts you too along with the age of girls were looking for and it comes up with all the really hot horny nympho girls...obviously u cant talk to them until you pay like 25 bills but has anyone ever done this thing? what was your experience with it?

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What is rofflecopter, sounds amazing.


One of my friends told me that this weird kid he knowsgoes on an english equivelant and ended up meeting and having sex with a weird fat woman.

He says they pretty much did everything with her. He wondered if I was up for getting some, I think he was serious.


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My boy met some 30 year old asian geek/broad off of that site. She's definately a freak but has big ears and a lazy eye and is really into computers. Nice body, though...


E-hoes, 95% of the time, are a huge letdown. Not because you can't bang them, but because they're typically flawed in some way you don't want to have to deal with.

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here is what you do.Make sure to follow the steps i lay out for you..


1.Get off the computer..


2.Proceed to front door and leave your house/Apartment/cardboard box


3.Make your way to local watering hole..i.e. Bar/Back alley behind restrurant/Small stream or river


4.Look for females or males if you perfer you sicko


5.By them a drink with the 25 bucks you have.Get yourself a drink also.


6.Proceed to talk to the person.Do this as many times as possible if you get shot down.Granted your only rolling with 25 bucks so good luck

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one of my college friends picked some girl up off of one of those dating sites. he talked to her for like an hour before he talked her into coming over to his place. apparently he then fucked her in the ass.


when he was telling me the story later...I was like...she looks kinda man-ish...you don't think thats a little weird with the anal sex the first time you saw her?


dude was pissed.



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Originally posted by iloveboxcars@Oct 19 2004, 06:46 PM

think of it this way. if you have sex with one of these girls within the first week of meeting them off of an internet website she's probably done it several times the same way. which means you will be catching e-aids.



:lol: :lol: ture story...if this is your way of getting over that one chick...i wouldn't advise it

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just work it on myspace. if you don't mind hot topic mallpunk girls and pretending you like thursday...you're just a few im chats away from tapping that ass. having lots of tattoos or being in a band helps, but if you don't have a lot of ink save your 25$ and use it to dye your hair black. maybe get a lip ring. and remember, you don't have to actually be in a band to tell girls on myspace you're in a band. going on myspace to bang girls only makes you somewhat of a loser, but paying 25$ to bang gender-ambiguous people makes you a total loser.

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