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  1. JEKA was dope. (the guy in the middle) Tennessees Mightiest = TM
  2. I love that someone lined me but didn't leave a name. Pussy shit
  3. Word. I'm a girl for hating dudes graffiti and his low level of respect for fellow writers in our hobby. Just fyi. It's all good. I'm off this thing. If someone wants to threaten me or hate go ahead and shoot me a pm to set it up or anonymously talk shit. Out
  4. Ok............so..........for the record, to clarify for any onlookers: This whole thing started, the first diss done on trains, was by YOU - CROW - anonymously ragging out our pink panther car. Your boy told my boy.......and I found out about your shitty and pussy way of doing things. You dissed 3 people from MY CREW.....and so one of my crewmates put ETC straights over you. Did you not expect that when you dissed 3 dudes that that might happen? Did you think that you'd ONLY HAVE A PROBLEM with those 3 guys in particular? How do you think this works? You have no idea. I have no idea how you possibly fathom this being a logical or classic way of handling things. You're a clown and you know it. It's really that simple.
  5. I have no idea what that equals up to but ok. This will be handled here shortly so anyone that I have annoyed........I'll be done with it all here soon.
  6. I didn't speak on your crews and you know it. You and I have spoken on the damn and that lead nowhere, as you know. You have admittedly acknowledged that I'm no idiot and that "I"m a pretty smart guy", per our phone convo. You gonna have your boys go over me because I shit on crow, a dude that's not even your crewmate? You just wanna be able to big boy me and throw your crew around like I'm going to be scared of you, as a referee of somesort. This isn't your matter to referee. Two people are going over each other, WITH NAMES (now). This is really just a classic beef, with modern day technology. . All I have done is use this medium to reply to your boys bullshit, annoying and epically toy posts on the goddamn internet. Which leads to me being dissed anonymously. I offered to pay your boy to show up to a fist fight. WTF do you expect from me? Apologize to CROW for him dissing all of my boys FIRST? No sir, STOP THE LIES, sir! Not happening. Fuck him! What is replying to your post going to cost me?
  7. Bullshit! Whatever toy did this sucks just as bad as crow then. Worst diss ever. Atleast the guy who dissed the crow that you're referencing isn't super mega toy like this ^^^^ guy. Be honest.......you know your boy is the worst. You just like having a down ass toy in your back pocket to back you up. This is a big game of chess and you're just trying to play it smart. If you really loved this fat midwest mook............you'd put him in your crew. Be honest. His boy is in.........but he's not. Why?
  8. Keep up? hahahaha. You're such a dumbass. It's not a matter of keeping up. It's a matter of working smarter instead of harder. You paints TONS of shit..........I'd rather paint a bit less and not be the epic toy you are. More and more people are taking note of what a douchebag you are and sooooooo they're just dissing you for fun when they're out. Real simple.
  9. Wow..............Stockton? That place fucking sucks soooooooo bad. The only notable thing to come out of that city is The Diaz brothers. Unless you like minor league sportsteams! ahahahaha. If I was a minor league sports player I would fucking hate being shipped to that god forsaken town to play. That place is Sacramentos septic tank!!!! Don't go there for any reason unless you know some crazy porn star that's trying to fuck you that is only there to visit her dying grandma or something crazy! lol
  10. What does that have to do with "a spot"? Wow. You have to be the dumbest motherfucker on the planet. "A spot", you dumbfuck, has everything to do with railroad specifics. The only difference between a spot that is paintable and not paintable...........is just that. You don't know until you go there but I don't need you putting shit having to do with MY state on blast on the internet. Do you see me doing that to you with everything and anything having to do with Ohio? You did this same stupid shit to the kids in Atlanta. You put there shit on blast and you got fucking banned for it. Stop ruining others peoples shit. I have people poaching on our shit already. Keep MY info off the internet ya fat faggot. You just can't seem to listen. You know......the worst part about you is that anyone I know, that was ever friends with your retarded midwest cornfed fat ass, says the same thing. "Crow is just fucking clueless. You have to realize that you're dealing with a retard. The man is almost 40, has never had a career oriented job, follows zero railroad etiquette, goes over people and expects to never have a real life repercussion, and just thinks that since graffiti is fun that it's ok for a toy like him to call himself a "human crush factory", when all he's really doing is painting more trash than the rest of us.". That's a real quote from some old friends. Man..........keep my info off the internet. I'm warning you.
  11. Its a real shame that your getting banned on here for putting other peoples spots on blast hasn't taught you a thing! I genuinely wish your just be smart and learn the easier way. You're forcing my hand!
  12. Ok..........I'm not super into blabbering about tv shows on the interwebz............but uhhhhh here goes! Walt is dope. Very true that IF this was NOT fiction he would have got his fucking ass killed a long time ago. Jesse is a fucking lame ass herb, "YO"! lol. Jesse is just shook from shooting someone and he knows he's an epic loser that has pushed his luck. I love this show and the city that it's set in. I really do.........but I wish I had the chance to slap the shit outta Jesse Pinkman! Bottom line.........if you've ever been at the point of desperation as a man......you can relate to Walt and his transformation from awkward pussy ass cancer patient to a gun toting wanna be criminal mindset having tough guy. Bottom line............GUS would prison rape WALT 8 days a week!
  13. Word up! I'll rape the fuck outta anyone I find in a NW yard! I'll stretch that ass out and make it look like a hula hoop!
  14. This kinda shit right here.........^^^^^^^^where you keep posting shit about my state.........is the type of unnecessary borderline snitchy type shit that's gonna get your fat, midwestern, inbred fucking ass beat into a coma! Goddamn you............stay the fuck off the internet with putting places on blast! Fuckkkkkkkkkk offfffffff!!!!!!!
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