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  1. NoDakFreights

    * Road Trip Bench Report: Montana, Fall 2015, Pass Through! *

    DONE! Soundtrack: In My Eyes – Nothing To Hide…..
  2. Random photos taken while passing through.
  3. NoDakFreights

    * Road Trip Bench Report: New Mexico, Fall 2014, LEFTOVERS... *

    DONE! Soundtrack: Strife “Witness a Rebirth”…..
  4. Technically this is a continuation of the ’14 New Mexico threads from a couple pages back, but I found a few more random pics so F it. Board needs activity anyway.
  5. NoDakFreights

    * Road Trip Bench Report: Texas, Summer 2015, Final Batch! *

    DONE! Soundtrack: The Beltones – Cheap Trinkets