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  1. i think that guy begr collects crews, flavor of the week nigga. not hating, but loyality is something he dont know bout
  2. meaning sk helm gs and helm burn you all n sicks
  3. briz gs sicks ower that homie etch...leaf killing them cars helm and fume doing them holy rollers...kbt .......kbtrains till i die!
  4. the pq and eye the homies chem, gs,funk
  5. just home 2 days ago...what up fam?
  6. damn now everyone knows what sinek looks like
  7. im sorry but i dont care how long you write but when did toy hipser grafff cool so cool?t not talking BOUT US
  8. sigh x5 ghouls x3 chub aest lyes ikew and everyone else
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