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  1. forsit

    So guys...

    Whoa! You're a mod! Congrats from one Washingtonian to another.
  2. forsit

    So guys...

    What did I miss since I've been gone? :D
  3. When I was on the news the first time for graffiti they said that I said "I'll never get caught. I'm too good to get caught, you'll never catch me blah blah". And that was the night I got released on lack of evidence. What I really said was "You're not going to catch me doing shit because I'm not doing anything wrong at all". And then I got snitched on and the rest is history.
  4. I hate it when people abbreviate words ie reno. That's like when girls say "jelly" or "presh" instead of jealous and precious.
  5. forsit


    What onslaught? :lol: One offbrand nigga posting pictures of dudes fucking? I wouldn't say I was a lookout, moreso an accomplice and the driver didn't know how to drive stick very well...or at all. So all in all it's his fault we got caught. If you wanna know the whole story just PM me and I'll be more than happy to tell you. But I'm not putting all my business on blast. This wasn't supposed to be a OMG I WENT TO JAILZ LOLZZ!!111!! thread. This was made to say what's good to everyone and check in because I've been MIA for like six months. No, this wasn't my first time in jail (although I hope it's my last because that shit is boring) and no I didn't spend more than 3 hours in a holding cell.
  6. forsit


    Not good at committing crimes? Ok, dude. Not even trying to make this a pissing contest or a ZOMG IM So0o0o0o0 GOOD AT DOIN DURT LOL, but shit fucking happens. You don't know the fucking details or what the fuck happened. So you can't speak on shit. Fall the fuck back. I've boosted tens of thousands of more merch than you ever have/painted more spots than you exponentially. Anyway, on to serious things, LUGR, a lot of bullshit happened and I fell back to the needle. There really is no excuse at all, but I'm glad I did that little stretch because it gave me time to reflect and get clean. I smoke weed, yeah, and rarely drink, but I'm no longer fucking with the opiates. That shit is just bad news? How long has it been since you've had a drink? You were doing good for awhile.
  7. forsit


    I didn't know there was a camera. Plus, you don't know the details of the crime so you don't even know what/how/why it all happened. Goddamn, you're stupid. I wasn't looking for props for getting locked up, I was just what's good to all my CH0 niggas because I been gone for a minute. I have no idea why you keep bringing up a holding cell. I wasn't in a holding cell for 120+ days :lol: You're a fucking idiot. Retarded misdemeanor charges are better than "intelligent" felonies. How am I a "wannabe" gangsta? It's the internet my nigga. You don't know who's on the other side of the screen. And you been on my DICK since jump street. You're the only nigga that cares enough to say anything. Fall the fuck back! You're gettin' mad desperate with them lame ass comebacks. I'm not mad at anything at all. :lol: You're actin' mad salty over some trivial ass shit. And no I didn't call you gay for posting a picture, I called you gay because you were typin' words into google that any legitimate man would never in his life dream type in :lol:
  8. forsit


    nah my nigga you typed in some literally homosexual shit :lol: I don't give a fuck about a camera. I'm not some punk ass bitch looking up dudes fucking other dudes on google just to "make a point, bro".
  9. forsit


    This nigga really typed in "dude booty sex" in google :lol: fall back my nigga, you're deading yourself.
  10. forsit


    Hahahahahahaha. Forreal. This dude was like "YO I'M OPENING FOR WIZ AT SUMMER JAM WHEN I GET OUT. WATCH. JUST WATCH!" and that nigga was nowhere. When you get moved up to work release from GP they give you all of your possessions minus phones, cigs, etc but you get your jewelry back for some reason. That same dude wore these chains that sounded like crumpling potato chips bags whenever they hit each other :lol: He also had these jeans that had weed leaves all over them. And, yes, all he did was rap.
  11. forsit


    alright little nigga.
  12. forsit


    Why the fuck would I add more info on something that isn't even your business? Hahahaha, why do you care?! :lol: My homie got caught doing some dirt and I was there with him as a lookout of sorts, shit went wrong, cops pulled us over down the street and questioned all of us. He was on camera and so I was. And it was obvious I was looking out for him. I didn't tell the cops shit and they got me on a complicity charge because I didn't cooperate. they took that as an admission of guilt. And no it's not some graffiti shit. Think what the fuck you want dude, but you're a fucking idiot :lol: I've been gone four out of the six months in this year and anyone on the oontz that kicks it with me on the outs and attest to that. Don't you live in England or Australia or some equally soft ass country? I could be mistaken.
  13. forsit


    None of my crimes are violent really. My other violations were like dirty UA's, not enough AA meetings, etc. This was only my 2nd violation for getting a new charge whilst being on probation. The first one was graffiti, the second was "Complicity". Plus, the city where the court is out of has a fucking full ass jail. They PR people that aren't flight risks/have petty ass crimes. Yes, I know I lucked the fuck out haha.
  14. I'll never call it pop and I'm from Seattle.
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