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  1. It's all about the 64mm bones wheels. Fuck a 360 flip, skate faster.
  2. By the way, anybody know the deal with skateparks in NYC? I know there's the one on chelsea piers and the one in brooklyn that's run by the city, but what's up with the hours/waivers/whatever with the one in brooklyn?
  3. Holy shit, that video of the chain is too much. If I was that kid I would break the other guy's fucking face.
  4. This is almost as good as the "evil shit you did when you were a kid" thread.
  5. Nekro


    Basically the jews are douchebags. So are the palestinians. Neither justifies the other. They're just going to have to keep killing each other until they can work some shit out.
  6. Humanities and social sciences. Hells yeah, axe about me.
  7. You should paint a huge crucified robot made out of crack pipes. Do it.
  8. Nekro


    The whole fucking premise of judaism is that the people of israel are god's chosen people. What part of "chosen people of israel" don't you understand?
  9. Nekro


    Sixty one trillion dollars? Did you leave a decimal point out?
  10. Nekro


    Words cannot describe how incredibly pretentious and stupid I think this shit is.
  11. Oh, right. She's a "dancer." Right. We all know what goes on inside the magic kingdom.
  12. You remember that time you decided to scream into your $2 tape recorder before you realized that you have to hold it a couple feet from your mouth? That's what the sound quality is like on this video.
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