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  1. I would trip my grandmother while she was walking across the street if I could put my hand between her legs.
  2. Check this site I found: TheThingsIWouldDo.com Every day they put up a new smoking hot chick, and everyone comments on the things they would subject themselves to to be able to fuck her. This was mine: "I would divorce my wife of 25 years just to see the skid mark on her dirty underwear."
  3. those hats are actually awesome.
  4. I think a lotta frat boys will go for it too.
  5. I found this site, PongUniversity.com that sells custom beer pong balls, only problem is that unless you only want a one color logo, the balls are a bit pricey (thats pad printing for you). However, I think I'm gonna just buy my balls blank in bulk from now on, theyre super cheap, even less than the convenience store down the road. Do you guys think theres a market for this kind of thing?
  6. Haha, that was funny... Probably the funniest thing on the site from what I've heard... I'll check it out though. Quoted post hahahaha yea he changed the whole layout of it because of this email a day or two later haha
  7. gamblers...not too quick on the uptake? little bit of sarcasm in that statement i made pal
  8. hahaha yea, those are my boys...howd you know? ill make the curb video a little better quality, i just put it up, havent watched the compressed version yet though
  9. theres only three vertical banners?
  10. I've been fucking around lately trying to teach myself HTML and PHP and some other languages, and i started a website somewhat based off of what tucker max does, anyway, i just posted up a new story and a couple new videos...the newest two stories are pretty funny...theyre all true Welcome Home Daniel Drunken Mess of my 20th Birthday The Hole in the Wall also, i threw up a new video which is basically a parody of Curb Your Enthusiasm...its fucking hilarious, my buddy from school made it BC Curb Your Enthusiasm Anyway, if youre bored and have some time, lemme know what you guys think...and if you have any suggestions for other sections of shit i could put up
  11. the question as to whether or not someone would or should waste their time on talking to an ugly or fat girl isnt the issue. the issue is that most girls dont know their place. guys as a whole let this happen because in general the male species is made up of a bunch of grimy horndogs. this attitude ruins it for the rest of us, especially for mediocre looking guys trying to take down an average girl at the end of the night. as a result of this inflated ego these girls have, we all suffer.
  12. i came over to my boy and said whats up, then i introduced myself to the girls, and said something like "you ladies having a good time tonight?" and the broad rolls her eyes and completely ignores me and turns around
  13. i threw a house party a couple weeks back, and my boy was talking to some chick and her friends...i came over to say whats up and the girl tried dishing out some attitude to me, i bitched her out in front of the whole party and told her that shes in no condition to be giving anyone a fucking attitiude and that if i was sober i wouldnt have even spoken to her, i also told her that girls like her are only good for the bang and ditch anyway, and she could get the fuck out of my party if she was gonna come at me like that.
  14. So I was sitting in my Spanish class yesterday, and for one reason or another, we get into a conversation about some Red Sox player, and how he ended up marrying a girl from Boston College. The girl went to undergraduate school with my teacher, and was apparently very good looking. In any case, some chick in my class has the nerve to pipe out "Ew, I would never marry him. He's not even that great looking." Now let' take a time out so I can describe this girl to you. She is the kind of girl that probably played field hockey and softball in High School. (If you don't know what that means, then you probably are one of those girls.) She stands about 5'10''. She's pure chub, with these two gigantic ham hock thighs. She lives in sweat pants and oversized t-shirts, never does her hair, has a fat ass, and is generally an all around slob. Where does this bitch get off saying she would NOT marry a Red Sox player? This is the kind of shit that pisses me off. I had half a mind to just stand up and put the ugly girl in her place. Not only would she be lucky for a Red Sox player to propose to her, but she would also be lucky if ANYONE proposed to her. The problem with today's society is that too many girls think they're too hot. Fuck all this anti-anorexia and bulemia shit. It used to be that girls thought they weren't good enough because they don't look like the models in magazines and on TV. Now they think they don't even have to try. If I had the choice between the two, I would rather the girls start puking in buckets in their closets again. I'm sick of decent looking guys settling with ugly, unappreciative, fat women. It's bullshit. Half the girls I know have boyfriends that are better looking than they are. Girls need to get a reality check. My guy friends can dress better than half the girls I see at parties. We put in that extra effort to look assembled before we go out, and most of us spend our lives in the gym. Why don't you women lead by example. Whoever told you that you're fine the way you are lied to you. Anyway, I wrote this shit for my website jswano.com and I got some emails already about how what I wrote was fucked up, and that I am an asshole. What do you all think?
  15. sir i thoroughly enjoy colt 45's and you as for the cenetered text, it is unintentional, which pages youre talking about. Please let me know so i can fix it
  16. yea it was a pretty wild time, dudes get out of control though u know?
  17. nah the videos up it might take a while to load cuz its like 10 minutes long, but if that doesnt work try going to www.jswano.com/riot.wmv cuz that will open it right into your windows media player, if that doesnt work then idk man, im new to computers...i could always send it if u really wanted it
  18. Oh word, before I forget, if anyone has a similar site or something that'll go good with mine and is interested in trading links and shit, hit me up with an email, jswano@jswano.com or you can find it on my site bitches
  19. three six mafia is fucking hilarious, i know all their songs because they just crack me the fuck up...2 way freak, weak ass nigga, slob on my knob, crazy ass clique, ass and titties, hit a motherfucker, testin my gangsta, sippin on the syrup....all classics in my day
  20. Ok, so I've posted a link to this site already on here about 4 or 5 weeks ago when I first got the domain name, but I've been learning all this shit from scratch and finally have the makings of what seems to be a real solid site (at least i think). Anyway, it's pretty much to the fashion of tucker max, with a twist, some funny stories, videos, and pictures to along with them. I update really often, so let me know what you think. Keep in mind I've only been doing this for about a month and before that had no prior experience with anything website related. http://www.JSWANO.com
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