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  1. Re: motorbikes! ahhh...that sucks about the bicycle wreck. sorry to hear it. yeah, an 1100cc bike is not even close to a good idea to learn on. I'm kinda like you when it comes to the looks of something being important...but you're gonna have to get over that for a first bike. you really want to get one that you won't mind dropping or wrecking on, because it happens to a lot of first time riders. my first bike was an 82 Yamaha Maxim 550. Not the best looking bike, not the worst...but it was cheap and I wouldn't have gotten that worked up about it if I went down on it. bonus is....learner bikes like that are cheaper.
  2. Re: motorbikes! you need to pull the trigger Joker. prices are about to start going up for the summer when everyone that doesn't ride decides they need to.
  3. Re: motorbikes! kinda cool...but it looks like the 80's threw up all over it. had a little stroke of luck that if completely taken advantage of...will end up netting me a full on race bike this fall. I'm thinking R6 with a Penske rear shock. Quick shifter. slipper clutch. and all the other goodies.
  4. Re: motorbikes! I'd say used 250's, ex500's or sv650's. Keep in mind with it being your first bike...you'll probably drop it, lay it down or worse. Always best to do that on a bike you don't care about or is cheaper to fix. Today's 600's are more than fast enough to get yourself killed. Anybody starting on a liter bike either has way more control than I have or has a death wish. Very few people out there that can ride a 600 to it's full potential.
  5. Re: motorbikes! soup...I was in my car and got rear ended/sandwiched. those are Oury grips aren't they? some1...hugger looks nice man. those 190's stock or did you add them? 180's make it easier to flick in the corners. I had a 190 and switched back. helmet taps saved my ass a couple times. biker wave
  6. Boulevard Sixth Glass and Voll Damm Double Malta (still ranks).
  7. SteveAustin


    you can pickem up new in a shop for $300...you'd be lucky to get $125 used. as soon as spring rolls around I'm selling all my road frames...Bianchi, couple motobecanes, falcon, western flyer, fuji, takara and probably my custom ti race bike with look carbon fiber fork.
  8. Re: motorbikes! yeah, my visits are a little sporadic. too many forums to keep up on. I've got the 600. actually the bike's ok...it was my car that got murdered. if I was on the bike that morning, I'd probably be dead ala the cream filling between a two suv oreo sandwich.
  9. Re: motorbikes! bobber'd be cool. I'd like to have a cruiser as well. something to roll to work on, run errands and shit. I'd have to have a go fast though. I'd get bored otherwise. an acquaintance of mine just sold his 883 sportster for a grand. he punched it out to a 1200. said it looked like ass, but ran like a raped ape. haha. thought about picking it up, but just don't have the cash right now.
  10. Re: motorbikes! haha...shit yea they do. one of the racer guys swears they'll eventually stop. I'm just used to it now. when you're all geared up and out in public everyone's already staring, so the boots don't even matter.
  11. Re: motorbikes! what up mofo's? clue, you sold your bike? got a line on anything yet? I'll be round your way this summer. one of my moto friends just moved out there. he said he'd have an extra bike out there for me, so it looks like I'll be riding as well as going to powell. also gonna do some carbon fiber work for my new whip...old one got totalled. I'm getting a lot of shit from him and all my other boys to move back out there again. still dealing with the insurance company on my medical shit...so I'm up to my ears in bills. I'm a little late...but I'm rockin these... Got another pair coming from one of my boys that retired from AMA superbike. Don't know what they look like yet, but he pretty much guaranteed no one would have a pair like them. Suomy helmets are the shit. I thought about getting a Scorpion as an extra, but might be able to get a killer deal on a spec1r...so my passengers may end up in this... Getting ready to paint my extra tank cover and tail. if it ends up looking half as good as what I've got in my head I'll be thrilled. two bikes in one.
  12. so am I the only one that thinks these things are completely stupid? guess i might be interested when I'm really fucking old and have no balance. dunno. only positive thing I can say is it kinda looks like a transformer. I'll stick to two wheels.
  13. Re: motorbikes! just don't try to run from the cops on that thing. heard about some dumb ass running on an old ex 500 down my way. needless to say he got tackled the fuck off that thing when he finally pulled over and gave up.
  14. Re: motorbikes! the corsa's aren't bad either. I gotta deal and a half on the powers though...and they are super sticky. leaving in 15 to go hit some twisties in this kick ass 70 degree weather. wooooot!
  15. SteveAustin


    are you local? pm if ya want. I'll probably be watching as well. my racing days are over unless a motor's involved.
  16. Re: motorbikes! pretty much selling most all my bicycles so I can buy a race prepped track bike...probably an R6. if I have enough funds left over...I'm going back up to a litre bike for the street. gotta do a 520 conversion soon...my chain's starting to go. just picked up some new pilot powers...god damn those tires kick ass. I'd love to get a gs1150 beemer for year round riding. later mofo's....keep the rubber side down.
  17. SteveAustin


    Yo Joker...you or anyone else going to the cyclocross nationals this year? Cinnamon Toast Crunch still on here?
  18. Re: Happy●●●Birthday: -Rage- this thread is soooo gay....haha. happy birthday man. good to see you're still shooting.
  19. Re: motorbikes! alright...you asked for it. taco bell wreck linkage http://www.genmay.com/showthread.php?t=741580 graphic as hell.
  20. Re: motorbikes! Joker...go with a BMW. I can talk to you about ducs if you want just give me a holler. I'll check the old steveaustin account or you can get a better one from Zesto. Too fuckin busy to get on here much. Kawi's...known for bad shift pins. I'd go Honda or Yamaha. Busa's still suck. Lost another one of our guys and one of my friends was the photographer on the scene for the PD. I had to tell her to shut the fuck up about the details. TMI. some1. have you seen the pics of the guy that went THROUGH a Taco BEll? Shits fucked up. Rode with a guy on an RC51 the other day. Sounded just badass. Be safe guys and FTP. Especially the HIPO cocksuckers. and a big what's up to the old peeps I know on here.
  21. Re: motorbikes! didn't mean to bust your balls, I looked at buying one once upon a time. they're pimp as hell...and a HONDA! Duc's aren't bad either. ;) Just a little uncomfortable and expensive to fix. be safe and ride in your comfort zone mang, you'll love that bike. the tracks a great place to learn/hone riding skills...as well as the MSF course. p.s. yeah, but it needs to be seen by everyone that rides.
  22. Re: motorbikes! Congrats on buying one of the most uncomfortable sport bikes ever! haha...congrats for real though. they're nice bikes. we just lost one of our guys. gear up, be smart and safe everyone. Requiem for a biker: http://www.livevideo.com/video/landing/E737D6A3377A4C66A864957B8E39BE3E/requiem-for-a-biker.aspx
  23. an awd vette would be pretty dope. I'm still a huge fan of the awd Porsche turbo...especially the 993 models. deeeeeaad sexxxy.
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