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  1. Someone has probably written this already, but I dont have the time or patience to flick thru 12 pages..... I would wanna meet JA, all day. JASE too. I kinda grew up around SER and AROE but was too young to know what I was witnessing. GHOST RIS SEEMS LIKE HE KNOWS SOME SHIT.
  2. I remember watching cope2's Kings Destroy dvd way back in my VERY EARLY teens. Youtube just told me it was around 1999. Who woulda thunk 14 years later I'd be reading this shit... Either way I dont know Cope2, Ether, or Utah, and I hope for the sake of the game that these snitching rumours aren't true. Im not sure what worse, snitching, or snitching on someone who snitched on you, or snitching on someone who snitched on you snitching. Fuck it, just don't sniiiitch. Fuck the jakes.
  3. Too many outlines to look at, im gonna try add my own, see what the world thinks.
  4. Dublin's got some nice stuff going on over there....
  5. Would be real nice to know where some of these were taken...on page one or two I thought I knew where the ATG piece was on page one or two, but on second thoughts that could be any festival anywhere in the world knowing them!!
  6. seeks.. i can't really say what thats like... but if you made this far..why stop now. I probably should cut down/stop on the drinking... but I haven't quite got that far yet because some of things you mentioned... it makes me just feel more comfortable all around.. relaxed, more social.. you know the whole nine.. i mean its pretty much how i interact socially.. but I am still trying to cut back... even bought some damn book on "moderation" because I believe addiction is more times about self control than about a "disease",so i figure moderation is a possibility.. but sometimes now I start to doubt myself about that. but shit we'll see.. as soon as fall is over.. and after I have that one function, and then my friends wedding...then after i go back to the parents and the hometown for xmas..and then after the new years parties..and then the superbowl..and valentines day, and my birthday...the trip to italy, and after the summer bbqs..well damn, the whole list starts again and i haven;t stopped drinking. oh well.. i guess i'll be a functioning alchie for now.
  7. from i.n.t.e.l.l.i.g.e.n.c.e i thought you took those pics.... guess not.
  8. do you think this could be sarcastic? hmmmmm... he put put paintings in art galleries to see who would believe those were real paintings. possibly he put"facts" up to see who thought they;re real and vise versa. and ABC, was you coming to LA in anyway based around this show?? orly?
  9. Remember the days when people would make super extravagant threads to commemerate their 5000 post status? Mams . PMB coming out as Nancy... good shit. someone should bring that back. But you won't find that here... But I did get a congratulations from some dude at the carribean food stand.( and I didn't even get the shirt for the 5000 post, I had to buy it. pssssh) so on that note... audi 5000 G.
  10. HAL said" This whole shit is so fishy to me. Dude is taking the fall for someone, but what i can't figure out is why." Lifelong internet fame.
  11. nomadawhat

    Head On!

    ¡Aplly directamente a la frente! Aplly άμεσα στο μέτωπο! Aplly direkt zur Stirn! 額へのAplly 直接! 이마에Aplly직접적으로! Aplly directly to the forehead! применитесь сразу к лбу! applichisi direttamente alla fronte! 適用於直接地前額!
  12. my pops still rocks the calculator watch. real muthafukin g's
  13. nomadawhat

    Head On!

    i forget who it was.. it was on page 11, someone said, "APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE FOREHEAD" classic.
  14. nomadawhat

    Head On!

    i just read this whole thread... awesome!
  15. I wouldn't have thought you had been here that long.. but i wouldn't of htought I had been here this long eitehr... bravo!
  16. this is actually a movement/group? fucking people these days.... i will send them all of mine to keep them happy.
  17. never get into large investments with friends
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