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  1. so i read that topic about that girl who went to her first college party and how they played emo rock music and i was like shit that is gonna suck so i went to one last weekend that was for a frat and it was actually nice it was one of the best parties i ever went to they played rap music they gave the freshmen free beer and there was all upper classmen girls which was the only bad thing but it ws still fun hitting on them with corny ass pick up lines and getting shut down but fuck w/e college u go to they played good rap at my party and i do like the smell of bleach it brings back memories of hotel pools
  2. i smokithed some chronic last night it was quite nice
  3. after comming in 3rd in the last olympics and now getting knocked out of this fiba shit by fuckin greece of all countries i quarentee that america will dominate basketball in the 2008 olympics and if they dont then fuck america
  4. american basketball sucks nowadays all the best players in the nba dont even want to play in the olympics and in this fiba shit thats why you homo greeks beat us if we had kobe, ben wallace, kevin garnett, etc. we would easily whoop greece and any other countries ass but instead we got all these rookies and shit playing
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TzDmNEs-bg watch it now
  6. i would love to fuck teh shit out of bootz. also the other goods one are payshintz however the fuck he spelled it, tiger, and beatiful i think is that hot short one
  7. now i am glad that i made this just because mad balls was posted that made it all worth it, and i quess the proper way for you to fuck one of those things is to stick it between a matress and fuck the shit out of it i want to hear stories of people that have used one
  8. got my vans on but they look like sneakers
  9. every man needs one i need one too and for some of you
  10. it would have been better if you said out loud instead of not !
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