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  1. Re: Don't Call it Frisco has to be legal
  2. I was looking at my issue of Volume One, drooling over all the dope pieces and I noticed it was Issue 9. I thought I new a lot about graffiti magazine but realized I had never seen any other issues of this mag. I was just wondering if anyone had any info on the other issues, if they are good, where i can get one and what happened to the magazine Thanks for any help
  3. thats a fucking crazy video. too bad for sole, dude has some nice stuff
  4. I used to know this totally crazy fucking slutty girl and she once confessed to me that she had a wet dream about ghosts fucking her. And yes she was stupid enough for it to be true. never really got over that one.... "Did I really throw a slurpee at you? I was a psycho huh?"
  5. I remember freshman year...it was the last week of school and me and my best friend and this guy that we called Gimp (dont ask) we siting out in front of school laughing our asses off about something(probably high) and some little 6th grader walks by and my friend and gimp walk up to him laughing with big smiles saying give us your bike! and gimp wips out a knife laughing.....gimp and my friend walk away with no real intention in acctually taking the bike (they did that kind of shit all the time so we didnt think anything of it) later gimp got expelled for threating someone with a knife. expelled in the last week of school! how can they do that! I guess that kid didnt get the joke
  6. http://images.mp3.com/rollingstone/content/6720/Images/00334230.jpg'> http://images.mp3.com/rollingstone/content/6720/Images/00332719.jpg'> http://images.mp3.com/rollingstone/content/6720/Images/00285424.jpg'> http://images.mp3.com/rollingstone/content/6720/Images/00285463.jpg'> http://images.mp3.com/rollingstone/content/6720/Images/00285465.jpg'>
  7. http://a820.g.akamai.net/7/820/822/1d/www.esquire.com/img/cover/2003/2003_11.jpg'> http://www.esquire.com/img/version3/031101_mww_britney01_hp.jpg'> http://a820.g.akamai.net/7/820/822/1d/www.esquire.com/women/gallery/img/031101_mww_britney02_g.jpg'> http://a820.g.akamai.net/7/820/822/1d/www.esquire.com/women/gallery/img/031101_mww_britney03_g.jpg'> HOLLY SHIT!
  8. nobody send the boss money....I sent him $3 and didnt get shit. hes trying to hussle everyone
  9. Everyones going to be angery that Im not posting flix but whatever happened to Felon? I havnt seen any new shit in a long time??? Is he still painting? Did he stop when sope died? If someone could post some new felon that would be great thanks....
  10. hey sorry about the lagging on the pictures....I swear they will be up by the end of today. ill throw in some extra grafffiti while im at it...oh yeah a news flash about the situation. she calls me all day long yesterday and finaily i pick up and she starts saying shes sorry and shit. then as we get to talking about it she starts to turn it around saying im the fucked up one and I should be saying sorry to her so I hung up on her and she didnt call back all night long. then she called right when she woke up in the morning and was like "your not still angery are you?" I was like "fuck yeah the fuck do you think" oh and my car window now makes a shitty load sound every time i roll it up. dumb bitch
  11. yeah I totally agree with you...the only problem is that I really am not atracted to guys or ugly girls and I have found that 95% of hot girls (or fuckable girls) are fucking dumbasses...
  12. So I was working at my video store a month ago and these two girls come in looking for "Varsity Blues" the flirt with me like crazy till I give them my phone number. two days go by and they call me. it turns out they are cheerleaders! we all get drunk together and they start stripping and comparing eachothers tits and shit and I end up with one of them(unfortunatly not both). Her name is Rachel. so Rachel and I go out together well it wasnt really "going out" it was more like meeting to fuck everyday. All my friends hated her cause she talked shit about EVERYONE. but I didnt care cause I was getting free poon without the drama and she had big tits. anyway a month of this goes by and yesterday I we were getting a slurpee after fucking and she leaves her cell phone in 711. I put it in my pocket and dont tell her. she freaks out thinking her cell phone is lost. shes standing outside my car and Im sitting inside watching her about to cry when I bust out her cell phone and tell her I was just joking around. she then throws her FUCKING SLURPEE AT ME!! the fucking bitch gets slurpee all over my work clothes and all over my car. (Leather interior) I called her a stupid bitch and drove away leaving her in 711 with no cell phone or money. so now its been a day and shes begging for my forgiveness. and Im telling her to fuck off. but what should I do. I could forgive her and keep on fucking her and possibly get another slurpee thrown at me or I could tell her shes a dumb bitch and she will probably get depressed and start cutting or something. I dont know. Im most likely going to tell her to fuck off but theres this little voice in my head (probably my dick) saying I could forgive her and keep getting great sex every day. either way later today I will post some pictures I have of her in bra and panties so you guys can decide better. thanks for any feed back sorry its so fucking long....
  13. that woes is extreamly impressive, holy shit that burns everything else except for the piece next to it
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