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  1. yo "king" sick, here's some feedback change your name. go do a search for sick156 or check out http://www.156allstarz.com and see if you still think you deserve that name. i had posted some of his flix here but i deleted them to keep from filling the thread with pics not from hawaii.
  2. rend your letters are a bitch. i drew it twice. the ripped piece at the bottom is the first sketch. uuugh...that n to d at the end. don't get me wrong some dope writers end their name in d's i just can't do it.
  3. sly_buggah....is it that obvious that i'm old? hahaha. i understand why you get that vibe, but i just draw whatever comes off the dome. i'm influenced by the graffiti i saw living in the northeast from 1990-1997. i used to live right in the middle between nyc and boston, and i was checking out graf in both of those cities as well as the writers in my city. so it may look old school to you, but it's more because of the environment i came up in. most of what i painted was on amtrak line spots, the streets, or trains. so i always tried to do letters that someone could read passing by on a train, or could be read while the train is going by you. my goal was to put as much style as i could into my letters but still have them readable without too much effort. i wouldn't call that old school cause that's how a lot of people still rock it. in my opinion, ny subway graf from the 80's is still the greatest of all time and the rest of us are still trying to catch up. so it's not a matter of old or new school it's all about "true school."
  4. here's the only sketches i made with my own letters in the last few months. i did these with sharpies and crayola pencils. just trying to make a little contribution to keep the thread going. i haven't drawn at all lately so kala mai whoever i'm trading with. i'll do something in the next couple days.
  5. yo kalo did those flix i sent you work? i was having trouble attaching stuff to my email lately.
  6. hey above---i noticed you put up eda crew. is that the same eda that wets from the northeast (maybe massachusetts, rhode island or something) is down with? i think one of my boys out that way paints with him. small world. by the way i think your stuff is hot to death.
  7. yo rend i never noticed you wanted to trade with me til just now. i write raems not kimo. yea i'll draw one up for you. i hate doing d's especially at the end of a word but i'll give um a try.
  8. shoots kimo i'll send you some flix this week--- raemster
  9. i found all these flix by searching the web, including the ones of my own graffiti. the top3 are mine from maybe '03-04, the other ones i guess are from cali and illinois...actually there's supposed to be 2 smears from cali that are both good. i give respect to the other guys who write it cause i don't get up with that name anymore, but if your boy thinks he's got that shit on lock and wants to come on here beefing and trying to battle...is he willing to step up to all the rest of the smears to? how long has either your boy or insom been writing? and why are you fucking up a thread that's overall positive with this bullshit? and to insom, if you write smear and bams why don't you just drop smear and write bams? it's more original anyways. i'm just gonna leave these photos up for a day so whoever thinks they're the "real" smear can check them out then i'm gonna delete this post cause i realize it has no place here. from the chicago thread from metalheads
  10. no problem homie just gimme a email adress to send them to and i'll hit you off with some flix. also, if you wanna see some pics of where i used to paint around check out http://www.newenglandgraffattack.com. i had a lot of my pics stolen and put up on different websites so i keep my pics off the web these days. but yea most of the dudes i used to paint with are up on there.
  11. yo cuz thanks for the sketch. as for constructrive criticism.....try to focus the picture better cause i can barely see them! haha. sorry i never hit you up to paint. i had some family stuff to do out in waianae. weekends aren't good for me cause i work noon to midnight. but hopefully i can take a day off next month to drop something.
  12. it's raning and i don't have a car. so yea my phish is done now.
  13. yo KIMO big mahalos man. i really like the hand also. glad to see some people still care about straightletters. i guess it's not quite the same here since there's no trains or trainlines (sorry antique trolleys and dead tracks don't count,) but that's always gonna be my favorite shit. o yea i forgot to mention that i did a "KIMO1" piece cause ending a word with o is hard as fuck for me. don't know if you could tell that was a 1. OBAKE thanks for noticing my handstyle. i work just as hard on it as i do on piecing. actually i know my pieces aren't really up to par yet cause i only started piecing in '01 but i've been bombing since '95 with a different name. do you want to do a trade? i think i could actually do a decent sketch with those letters.
  14. i'm in on that phish battle. it'll be up by tomorrow.
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