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  1. I used to do receiving in a warehouse setting. So I constantly got to flex letters and numbers all day long. I’ve been told I have nice hand writing a few times I can recall, but it’s probably because my aunt has the cleanest penmanship and calligraphy and I always wanted to emulate it.
  2. Oh yeah I want to add this as a question for anyone who actually reads this. What do you think of writers using social media for shameless self promotion. Like I thought what “we” did was secret. Yet I see people I know and don’t know who are long time vandals. Posting train photos in between tattoos, or posting pictures on a business account to where you can definitely figure out who they are. Or there girl comments on it and you can click her page and see them together. That shit is wild as fuck to me, as someone who is still very secretive about any and all criminal activity. Is there just so much graffiti or crime going on in the world now that resources for prosecutions spread thin??
  3. I read quite a bit of the comments and there is too many things to quote. Spending less and less time on a desktop computer really shifted me away from the forum. Also as it exploded with new users I didn’t know and didn’t want to try and relate to by spending time in the same space as them. 12oz at his height held real writers and real folks that were relatable. Some were writers some were just graffiti fans or normal people drawn to the channel zero forum in some way. Social media has not only changed the aspect of relationships it has also quickly dismantled culture. David Chang had the most relevant quote on Ugly Delicious that I couldn’t ever conceive of, he said this “what I don’t like about the exchange of information is, I think that the removal of struggle to get that information creates bad cooking, I think that cooks know more than ever before, but, because it was so easy for them to obtain it’s not special.” Now you can apply that to graffiti, tattooing, cooking, any subculture. And that’s not even what it does to relationships. When MySpace and Facebook crossed over I noticed this change of relationships, I noticed people I knew that didn’t know each other started becoming friends. I thought it was so bizarre for the longest time, now it’s the new normal maybe. What I think that does to people is it stretches your friend group from 10 people to say 50 people, now you loose your closeness and strength of the relationship to the 10 people and it’s spread thin to a larger group of people, or it allows you to move your loyalty around. Over all this is not good for people and I think it builds an ungrounded and unsteady foundation. I was looking at my amazon wishlist that I add a lot of books to and come back to when I need a new book and I saw this one yesterday in my wishlist, then started reading this thread later in the day. I havnt read this book yet but for some reason I think it relates heavily to these topics. I constantly have rabbit holes of thoughts based around social media and our society, something I deemed “public school thoughts” once when I was really fuckin stoned. Because I felt they were thoughts that a public school system teaches you to not ever think about. The last one I came up with was this “You put down the sword for a twig when you think you’re a modern day wizard.” What this meant to me at the time when I was super stoned was that, people are forgetting what the important tools are to battle with be it books, family, friends, nature, and people discard these things that are important tools for a twig. Something that will snap under pressure, you want the twig when you think you’re a modern day wizard. A modern day wizard is someone who thinks they have the answer, someone who is quick to use their words (spellcasting), and the main tool of a modern day wizard is a crystal screen (ball) where they receive all the answers. Everyone can’t be a wizard. To quote Edo G “too many captains and not enough soldiers.” I can ramble on forever about this shit, especially the dismantling of culture, and the Subversive rebuilding of culture by corporations.
  4. This bitch could spawn a wholenew thread that’s just patchouli hoes with sacred geometry tattoos. That thread would be popping if it was still 2004.
  5. Whoa, what in the actual fuck. Necromantic shit, that sentence is mind boggling. Also how did I miss that his last name is Gore? Is this a real article!? I’ve found some articles recently where I question if they are an extreme form of clickbait.
  6. I wish I had all the ms paint things I had made. Or any of the Gifs I made. I made a good Gif of tease?
  7. I listen to a wide variety of shits, these are on repeat lately.
  8. I’ve felt like there’s some sort of suppression for a while. like as business if you run an ad it allows you to move up a tier or some bullshit.
  9. Bump that shit like they do in the future. Anyone?
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