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  1. There is no surprise here, Japan and even Korea have always been years ahead of anything over here.
  2. thats what i should have said... what about the wet t-shirt contest? and the amazing .gif that me and Robocop made of Teasers face.
  3. i wish i could figure illustrator out and be more efficient...it would save me so much time trying to think i know what im doing and how to do it.
  4. The derels hats are flossy. if it didnt have anything else on it.
  5. I made this shirt. 20$ can get you one in your size. I pay shipping.
  6. backstory...inspired by H.P. Lovecraft/Cthulhu
  7. what is this information going to be used for exactly?
  8. I reverse lurked, once the changes started happening about 2 years ago? I stopped looking at everything except a couple brickslayers threads every few months. Plus grips of new people started popping up...and I hate most of you.
  9. I don't like change, so I wont give you my opinion.
  10. horrible movie...if only the monster would have actually resembled Cthulhu maybe i would have liked it more...
  11. break a xanax bar in half and grind it up in their waters at night.
  12. all you have to offer is one photograph?
  13. I just watched Jaws 1 and 2 the other day son!
  14. Ill be there in June, Florida that is...Jacksonville to Ft. Lauderdale and in between. Where the shit is Smart at?
  15. Colverfield is about cthulhu from what i heard.
  16. this dude http://www.myspace.com/jmnbths
  17. So who here fucks girls off craigslist ? I got scared of that site after doing a rideshare with my homeboy. Where this white bitch with braided hair and extensions proceeded to tell me she only brought one cd with her as we are 20minutes out. I am thinking shit this is going to be a long ride as i look back to see my homeboy smile and put his headphones to his ipod in his ear. Well it was winter and we were going to Seattle through a mountain pass which closed for a couple hours. This was after a detour due to a flipped semi blocking the road where we had no idea if we were going the right way on these shitty back roads with a foot or two of snow. So the whole trip after putting this bitches snow tires on and off took 8 hours. Which speeding can be done in 2 and half to three hours. Oh Did I mention the only cd she had was the "Rent" soundtrack, on fucking repeat. No joke. Fuck craigslist. She had a fucking geo metro type car too...
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