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  1. hed get robbed if it wasnt for Wisconsin and their cheese.
  2. I had kids asking me about this, and i was laughing like it was a joke.
  3. I had to get rid of my water bed when I was 5 because of a nightmare on elm street.
  4. Group Home ft. Brainsick mob - East NY Theory
  5. Forgot about the Soju and Sake on my ballin nights.
  6. Downtown Brown, and Bombay Tonics all day son. Ill throw a sparks in for old times sake.
  7. oink got shut down which seems crazy...
  8. the raveonettes - whip it on and hell rell - for the hell of it
  9. i eat rice breakfast lunch and dinner with rooster sauce and an egg. Im the motherfucker that needs some assistance.
  10. 10% is like worse than a friend I dont really know discount. I understand Raven needs to get fede though. Break backs, make stacks.
  11. the single is dope. i have good expectations for this shit.
  12. i should get a free coupon for just being myself.
  13. bump that melting slug like dennis hopper in blue velvet.
  14. Fuck Pink Floyd, you can quote me on that.
  15. Whose this? With no internet i dont really come here anymore...Been working my life away and painting inbetween. Wonk Saggin. HardyHarHar whats was the "...." for? Hmmmmm? repost http://img206.imageshack.us/my.php?image=testereu3.jpg
  16. Fuck whast good? Rags you should have come out for Bumbershoot all the homies were out there. Damn I hate workin my life away...i need a brand new hustle to support my habits.
  17. I was curious if anyone has flicked the pestoe asoe delk shit over off the freeway/broadway/cap hill area...
  18. http://img206.imageshack.us/my.php?image=testereu3.jpg I dont even knw how to figure out this image host shit anymore.
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