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  1. i love any and all hot sauce. Too many hot sauces front on their hotness. Its like damn...
  2. just get your ass down here. Bus that shit for a weekend. Ill even help pay for it.
  3. hahah i wonder how long of a drive it would be. hmmmmm
  4. i love me some hockey. I used to be a huge red wings fan...but now i dont even know...havnt watched the puck action for a long minute.
  5. one day i want to see the doom in live status.
  6. whens your bitch ass comin through here? I got drivers who will take us to do anything anywhere!
  7. hawaii = fever heaven, youll find a cure for just about anything.
  8. its all bout "tom goes to the mayor" and "12oz mouse"
  9. where the leaky leaky at? 455 bside it tommorow.
  10. Intangible


    thats a lot to read, someday...
  11. Intangible


    it could be good or really bad ill go check it out.
  12. still have ye to view this, heard it is good...but im a slacker.
  13. nightowls ioks dpc and all the homies. wonk saggin
  14. i have had the album for a while now...actually thought it was out already. Shit is fressssh if you like the doom.
  15. i want to see this very badly.
  16. abortionringtoss willy wonka ....................i cant remember too long ago.
  17. i ate a lot of cheetos paws once and threw up. that night sucked.
  18. since birth cuh. since birth.
  19. you get the middle finger from me but i still love you.
  20. Awww shit yall are getting me geeked on some old school video game shit... I might just do a production with: They really need to remake all of those games. Quoted post [/b] they did remake river city ransom on game boy advance.
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