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  1. whats up teaser! glad you came back man. dope apartment, props on finally moving out.
  2. shit reminds me of "dont be a menace while drinking your juice in the hood" bla bla bla, where the white guy is knocking off all kindsa black people and stealing from that asian's store, but they're focusing on the black people instead. haha
  3. i seen them three young ass girls on "trailer make over" on mtv. true story.
  4. the hatred runs deep within you people. man, you guys are something else. im not going to knock youre opinions though, i like a huge variety of music, and dont take any one person / band / etc that seriously. i still think he's dope though. Id say his album were both pretty solid, i like songs off both of them about equally.
  5. looting food and drinks is ok in these conditions, i personally would be going for jewlery.


    they should bring in some hover crafts. i don't what i'd do if i lost everything, that could possibly set me off right there. rip to the people who didnt make it.
  7. cut back on the anal sex and you'll be ok.


    shit if i was going to be looting some shit, id go high value. id be more icy than 3 master p's put together. $$bling bling$$ id be like : "thanks katrina, you got me looking like a hotboy now, cashmoney! bitches"
  9. i think this dude is one of the best artists to come out in a hot minute. from his beats, to his freestyles, to his lyrics, everything about him is just off the chain. im a huge fan of kayne. you guys feelin the new album or what?
  10. thats a harcore neck tat. never would have guessed.
  11. dude what the fuck is your problem you idiot, jokes like that arent funny in a thread like this. you asshole


    any of you see those morons trying to surf out in the ocean? haha those idiots.
  13. hands down one of the best ever id say. all around writer, cant beat it.
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