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  1. Im having problems with my CS3 reg, any advice from anyone?
  2. "And when the host tries to get all hard and talk down to the dude who was cheating is almost always pure comedy as well." I think dude has an awesome voice for doing exactly this. Once he hit puberty and his voice changed, he probably knew that he was destined to talk down to cheating bastards as the host of some tv show.
  3. This one is way better.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tw3UviCXWgk&search=hasselhoff%20hooked%20on%20a%20feeling
  4. Damn abs, i had no idea you were that growed up. Good luck with the whole thing.
  5. Im going to Vegas this weekend. Ive never been, and I have no idea what the antics are going to be, but I am sure they will be sheer funness.
  6. I get pretty nostalgic over this one...
  7. People like lincoln park?
  8. I dont get the thread title. Gavin who?
  9. I too have to watch out for strong winds.
  10. Man, i sooo want one of myself. Life would be so much better.
  11. Yea, i bought this piece of shit too, right after my tape player broke. Shit was 80$. I promptly returned it and bought one of the sony decks with a 1/8 inch jack aux. Much better, and only like 60$ more.
  12. Hey, I thought of a good one... I was going to screen capture it, but that would take some effort. Anyway, I really fucking hate the advertisement for the "New Generation of Smilies, Now With Sound!" and you fucking roll over it and it makes that obnoxious "Helllloooo" That shit sucks.
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