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  1. Im having problems with my CS3 reg, any advice from anyone?
  2. Re: Shit The Shit Thread This is a super WASP drink (I should know). It was also Andy Warhols "favorite" drink, but I believe that it goes by another name.
  3. Re: Splinter in The Shitter Well thanks Kimball for finding me the Shitter thread, I offically think the title should be changed back, but whatevers. Here is the post I originally wanted to post here... So who's seen the new rocky trailer? NO? Here it is... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBVm4bei1eM Yeah. Its rocky. The best part? He still wears that silly hat. When is the new rambo trailer coming out? I dont know. I heard today that the dude that made batman begins is working on a new film about Tessla, starring none other than Mr David Bowie as Tessla. I think thisll be good cause i sure like The Man Who Fell To Earth. Anyway, Im kinda psyched on the Bowie film. I could really give a shit about Rocky, except that its pretty amusing. As far as making this post twice, should i have? I dont know, probably not.
  4. Re: Splinter in The Shitter wait, i found it funtime/retardedwhenhungry
  5. Re: Splinter in The Shitter Where is the "Photos you came accross" thread, I cant find it.
  6. Re: Splinter in The Shitter nerelco is about to, or just did release a special electric razor, specifically for doing one thing. i give you one chance to guess what it is.
  7. Re: Splinter in The Shitter less than that, but i thought wasting some time on the ch 0 was in order today.
  8. Re: Splinter in The Shitter Well, Ive been away for a while, but regardless, I was on the internet scumming around looking at stupid sites and i came accross a ridiculous ad. I thought id share it in my favorite thread... This isnt the ad, because it was a flash ad, but it led to this, Movement for men to shave their pitts/legs. Discuss?
  9. Re: Splinter in The Shitter So the coffee that I bought this morn, from the usual coffee spot, was unbelievable. It had an aftertaste like beef jerky. I cant imagine it getting much worse.
  10. Toulouse Lautrec was a midget, dont hate.
  11. Re: Splinter in The Shitter So I think Im officially used to the new 12. It took a while, but now its official.
  12. Re: Shot it in her Bot Thread Illegal pete's is better.
  13. Re: Shot it in her Bot Thread So Im really gratefull for the day off tomorrow. I have no clue what Ill do, but being a recent addition to the working life where you get no summer vacation, or spring break, Ive been going crazy. I need to break the routine, and tomorrow it may happen. Ideas people. Thx FunTime
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