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  1. 23578


    I think i'm going to go without the daylight savings this year ;) .
  2. or a little Claude Lemeuix/Darius Kasparitis sluice-foot.
  3. 23578

    sun's out

    i ate out two nights in a row, that has to be some kind of record for me or something, mex yesterday (carnitas), ribs and chicken (i took the dark meats: wing, drum, and thigh), greens, beans, cornbread. it rocked, it aaalllllwwwwaaaayyyss rocks. pork, pork, and more pork, favorite animal i've ever eaten, hands down, every part is good.
  4. If you could play one team sport right now, which one? I don't know... competitive eating? now i don't think that's a team sport, but i could be wrong. oh, and what up symbols! lotsa changes going on in my life, new job, new house, new pup, more bills. but it's all for the best, i should be back on here a bit more. good to see some old names and some new ones too. reading is good, peace.
  5. damn, i thought that was the answer you'd give me, i haven't seen one of those.
  6. where do you guys get your ingredients when you aren't in hawaii?
  7. Friday made breakfast train the puppy to go outside, got to go right now, i'll be back. . . i'm back no potty later, work have a couple beers watch some hockey game Saturday repeat minus hockey game Sunday relax, eat good food watch some more hockey game Bonus Quiz Your first drink of the night, what is it? Sapporo Ichiban If you could play one team sport right now, which one? tiddlywinks What famous person would you sleep with just for bragging rights? George Bush Last video game played? golf Best Steve Martin movie? The Man With Two Brains (1983) What's on your feet right now? socks, the planet Quoted post
  8. are you keeding seeking? they get the good stuff, straight from the kentucky kernol. i mean i like the idea of a balanced meal from the taco slut, home of the what, 800 calorie 99c bean burrito hotpanhandler special, but the packaging of a caesar salad in a burrito is too much, and dude, where are the croutons, non existant, i mean a crispy burrito shell the same as a crouton, it's a little far fetched, they should seriously reconsider their target audience here, i mean do fat people really need skinny designated drivers's to make it through the drive through?
  9. yeah, i'm going to have taco bell for lunch today.
  10. 23578


    I eat uncooked pork all the time, italian style salame, sopresatta, prosciutto, etc. It's salt cured and air dried, never cooked, and there aren't any worms in it, much mold, no worms. However, I'm not saying I've tried any pork carpaccio, and I have seen some worms in some fishes that I think twice when eating any of those types which I haven't prepared myself or by a trusted professional. Tape worms in Swordfish being the most commonly known. I don't particularly like Swordfish, so it's not really an issue for me.
  11. 23578

    RIP Don Knotts

    this guy was a real actor, you know, back when actors did their own shit. a great life lived that one.
  12. I don't really know who will win this one, I told my dad I like Sweden, so I guess I'll stick to that, those Sedin brothers are a dominant offensive force. But my Sabres are on the blue line for Finland, so that cancels that, I guess? It's really going to be a great game. I do live and die by my hockey, but as long as I can still skate myself, there will be no talk of self-anihilation. I've been offline due to other reasons.
  13. Sup 12oz, still as much Canuck hating going on as ever I see. Anyhow, great to see this site still hasn't changed much. As for the 'limpics, I think the right two are on top this year for sure. Canada, the Russians, and the USA are too afraid to let go of too many of the old crappy hockey players, and I am not just being ageist here. Some of those old guys can still play, Kovalev, Modano, Jagr, etc. I don't really see to much of these guys during the regular season so it's good to see them still hacking it with the bigger, faster, younger crowd.
  14. 23578

    sloppy joes

    dude don't forget the diced g.p.'s and onions, ya could put some tabasco in there too, and as they say, season to taste (aka put tha salt in there). there isn't much food i don't likes when it's got enough salt in it.
  15. 23578

    Hell's Kitchen

    Don't be so paranoid Mang, it's you're old friend numbers guy ;) . By the way which network do you mean, Gov't, Fox, Food, or other? I am, in my opinion, without the network. Yeah, I've seen his other show, it's very entertaining, and this show as his other was good, as reality tv goes (high entertainment, low realism), and I will continue to watch when I can. I was impressed by who got kicked off, but would not necessarily agree with the unspoken motivation. It's easy for me to get emotionally involved with this stuff however. I beleive he's a good chef, despite reports to the contrary, and a bit of an ass, pot noodle that's some good shit, pitting a fancy pants chef like gordon against a dish like pot noodle that has history is somewhat unfair don't you think, and can't possibly reflect badly on his reputation? Also in his defense, I haven't seen much in the way of chinese food in his cookbooks. On the other hand I don't think I would give anyone of those people he has on this show a restaurant, but the Hispanic girl could cook for me, and the guy on the blue team that was waiter wasn't totally disappointing. Fucking Ramsay with those L.A. bimbo's was classic, you know and he knew they were getting paid to do that to him, but whatever, it was still good tv.
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