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    Why protect yourself? Google logs and analyzes so much information about a chrome user's browsing habits, it can tell who they are, out of billions of people, without even needing them to log in most of the time. A lot more than targeting an advertisement can be done with your browsing history and info which is stored indefinitely. Along with the companies that pay to access this info, random google employees/contractor, hackers, or even government representative with no warrant can access it, and potentially know you better than you know yourself. With that said, the browsers that don't log user info also aren't safe. Most sites, and the advertisements on them run so much javascript they don't even need to have access to your browser's source code to track your browsing habits, and build psychological profiles. What happens to all this data? Some is used to build profiles for highly profitable targeted advertisements. For example, the department store Target uses a system to identify pregnancies, using simple inputs like buying unscented lotion, and other small innocent factors. They can predict with a great degree of accuracy when a woman has entered the 2nd trimester of pregnancy. They send her targeted coupons so she'll start buying things like diapers and potentially become a lifelong repeat shopper at a time when her spending habits have the greatest potential for change. Other things can be done with your browsing/shopping data. For example, if you pissed off the wrong person in the government, your data can be used to build a profile and find anything possible to against you. Roger Ver once made a speech condemning the ATF. Little did he know there was a group of ATF agents in the audience. They basically investigated him by building a profile of all his online activity, found he was a prominent Ebayer and looked at everything he sold, eventually finding commonly availiable firecrackers that he sold, commonly used to scare of birds. This somehow violated a bullshit law and they ended up using this info to send him to federal prison for a little over a year. Considering many ebayer's sold these, along with sporting goods stores like Cabellas wasn't important, this was clearly targeted enforcement. Basically, everything you do online can also be used to build a psychological profile on you, and you can also be targeted for mind control techniques to influence your political views like in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. With that said, protecting yourself from data collection is more important than most people realize. Protecting Yourself 101: Download and use the Brave Browser, it blocks all advertisements by default, no plugin needed. Unlike Adblock, it doesn't sell a backdoor to advertisers to circumvent their block and serve you the advertisements, and deliver harmful tracking scripts. It blocks everything by default which can sometimes fuck up the way a site works/looks, but you can obviously choose to lower your shields if you trust/need the website that's fucked up. They even have iphone/android apps.It also uses https:// everywhere it can as opposed to http:// Erase any unnecessary personal data stored by google by going here: https://myaccount.google.com/dashboard It will give you a list of google services you use, go through and delete anything you feel isn't in your best interest for them to have. Stop using spyware like Google Chrome/Safari, and most other browsers that send google/apple your data in the background. Even Firefox is questionable these days and the need for add ons like ad blocking software etc. lowers the chance of spyware being slipped in. If you must use social media, try to keep your accounts unlinked, and for gods sake delete any app from your phone that you're not using. I have a special browser I use that's built into my password manager on my phone that I'll log in and out of facebook if needed,. The app itself sends data in all day, even when you're not using the app. Keep unnecessary apps to a minimum on your mobile. There's currently a lawsuit against Bose(I should get in on it) because they used their iphone app to listen in on your conversations via bluetooth connection to make a little extra money on the side selling their customers data for targeted adds. Ever had a conversation about a topic and get an advertisement for a related product immediately afterword? Start using duck duck go as your default search engine. It's as good as google 99% of the time but without the intrusive strings attached, and without logging your data. If you look at anything like anti government sites, anything involving illegal stuff like the dark web, or something you don't want to run the risk of the government, your ISP, or anyone else finding out use TOR, what TOR is is complicated but I've dropped a video below that explains it more. Use a VPN, I'm using Nord VPN, paid $99 for the 3 year plan and can't complain. Protip: If you're using the brave browser just click: [ File > New Private Tab With TOR ] and boom, you're now browsing using TOR. Brave Browser: A video explaining the future features coming to the Brave Browser: I'll probably edit this later to add/clarify some points.
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    Going to try this on mobile.... Photos from a recent trip to CDMX, with bonus pix from Cancun & Tulum: One of the oldest & most famous cantinas in Mexico: Respect to all the taco vendors. That's me trying to look cool for the gram. #TacosRuleEverythingAroundMe Museo Sumaya:  El Fin.
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    Actually yeah I'm good now - I was in a body cast for like 9 months and had to re learn to walk. I had to learn a bunch of crazy body compensation shit - like I don't hold my upper torso up with my back anymore it's all done with my core and abdominal. I was a test market case for big pharma on some of the highest level painkillers on the market for about 5 years before I put myself through detox and just went the natural route. I'm actually probably in better health now than I was before the accident at this point because of all the necessary muscular maintenance, I know I'm definitely faster now and more agile and have better muscle control. Also I have zero debt , sued the homeowners insurance, paid all my medical, finessed my way out of my student loans , invested what I had left over, and bought some property. Ironically my life is probably better now than it was before the accident. I just gotta do Hella karate stretches and shit to keep from locking up. I was kinda wildin out before so being forced to literally lay down like that makes you approach things differently. So yeah. Happy ending for sure. Still got a vandal squad file and no Fs too.
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    A couple views from my deck this morning looking west towards Tennessee and some from earlier this week.
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    Seems a lot of people are in a similar state of mind... Sick of social media or already giving it up, tired of retarded rents and crowds, tired of scraping out a meager existence in the rat race... Realizing that the world seems eager to keep driving full throttle towards the cliff. Obviously there's a lot of opinion on this subject that keeps popping up across different threads. In general, I've seen lots of people sort of realizing that we seem to be on one of those hamster wheels chasing the latest iPhone or whatever gadget and then quickly realizing that its just a temporary happiness before your back running on the wheel chasing that next thing. Just a hollow existence that leaves you suddenly realizing how miserable everything seems to be. Anyhow, many of you guys know that I made a pretty big move myself a year or two back. I had an apartment in Soho and brand consultancy / creative services agency around the corner, lots of invites to private / industry parties, more free sneakers than I can wear, etc... Yet, I was miserable. Seemed like everyone around me was miserable. Seemed like anytime I made an extra dollar, my cost of living went up an extra $0.98. I realized one day that some of the guys that lived in my building earned many, many times what I was likely to ever see and yet they lived the same basic life I did. At at the same restaurants, obviously lived in similar apartments, walked the same streets. No doubt I wasn't in a place to own a Mclaren GT or mansion in the Hamptons, but I also realized those guys owned shit they never used because it was a hassle to pull an exotic car out of parking, drive it down bumper to bumper cobble stone streets, just to zip around NJ for a few hours. Or wait in Friday / Sunday traffic fighting bridge and tunnel traffic to hit the Hamptons, so they didn't bother. Even worse, they had that same hollow look that seemed to me to be the same misery I saw in everyone else's eyes. I used to skim IG and Tumblr looking at these amazing cabins with mountain views or photos of dudes fly fishing in these amazing landscapes and figured if I could only win the Mega... Then it occurred to me that you didn't actually need to win the Mega to live that lifestyle. That the organic vegetables for sale at Dean & Deluca I could really afford and the cabin with spectacular mountain views was accessible if I approached it a different way. So I started making some changes, rearranging plans and eventually dropped out of that situation. Managed to work some stuff around to buy a place in the Mountain of NW Montana, grow my own organic vegetables, raise a flock of free range chickens and ducks and live a more satisfying existence. Finally get back to the stuff that was important to me (12oz) and actually be available and involved with my kids and family. So that's the Cliff Notes version of my story. If you guys are interested I'll post some pictures and always happy to answer questions. Mostly, I was just interested in hearing from you all and seeing if a thread like this and some advice from the few of us that have made this type of move, might inspire some of you other guys that are trying to figure it out.
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    Friends and Fam - I am back. Misterraven and several others have dug me out of the homo dungeons of solitude and breathed fresh air into my woefully bankrupt lungs. Good timing - and thank you. So here it is. I just got out of rehab. 30 days of a 90-180 day program in Berkeley. Long story short - "long story short". If that makes sense. They wanted to keep me but I did not want to be kept. That being said - I left on good terms. Anyways... Medi-Cal covered everything - Thanks Obama! A lot has gone down this year. A lot more than I ever thought possible. But it is what it is. Big changes... I'm once again homeless and single. Well - not all that single. I just picked up my doggies from the kennel. I had to board them for the 30 days I was in rehab. Bankrupted me. $50 a day... But I needed to get sober and detox from my crazy as fuck girlfriend of 6 years. I'll write more about how the past 6-7 months unfolded in a bit. I'm in Nevada City, CA at the moment, staying at a friend's crazy ass compound. Deep in the woods, Saunas hot tubs pools and cabins, all in solitude. In the coming week I'll return to SF, pimp out my van a little more, and start driving to Wyoming to clear my head and get the fuck out of dodge. I finally realized after breaking it off with this girl and losing my mind that I fucking hate living in the bay. I haven't been happy in five plus years - ever since I moved there. So fuck it. Done with my abusive partner, done with living in a giant city. Ready for new adventures.
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    I will go out on a limb and post a “cool website I found” in the graffiti subreddit- which is a horrible subreddit btw Im an older meme kinda guy.
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    Yeah, yeah I know there's a 12oz history thread and countless other reminisce type threads, but fuck it... Here's another one and figure you guys will dig it. Especially those that were around when this was happening. 12ozProphet Wet T-Shirt Contest! 💕12ozProphet Best Ass Contest! 🍑 Not sure this is politically correct in this day and age, but fuggit... Good times! Who was there?
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    Early morning bike ride through the woods was a nice way to start the day. Swung by the yard to take some flicks but it was pretty dead, but i did find some live ammo for a .38. Saw some huge white geese and watched them float around for a bit while a took a rest.
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    Since there's gonna be a movie based in the Mid-90s, Steve Hirsch says: What's up?
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    Dear 12oz, Your boy got the promotion! I will now have my own retail store to run. Achieving life long dreams. superstokedmicahhawaiioner
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    My contribution for the day....this is Donut.
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    hey hey hey ! I finally figured out my old login.... Extreme Hammock was a website, and eventually we just let it expire. This youtube video was the highlight of our bullshit. I'm sure it would be entirely different now in a social media world, but there was something special about taking a stupid idea and making a website about it - and getting a hammock company to sponsor me and send me free hammocks!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5zzp5kNEYk I think this user account was my 3rd or 4th one. I'd retire accounts at a certain point because I was scared my old boss would stumble upon an open web browser and see 30,000+ posts on a message board and fire my ass. Granted there were some days where I did NOTHING except 12oz, so he probably should have.
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    I was posting on this shit and fell through a balcony rail. Yall chipped in to buy me a dope ass ostrich leather Pimp cane (which I still have) and smoked me out at the westin after I got outta Mass general. DOS and Chupa and a few others came thru. I love yall for that.
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    Will start with a pair of Supreme x Nike Dunks High's - Collegiate Orange, 10.5. Copped at Supreme when they released. Didn't bother calling in a favor and though I didn't really wait the line either, by the time I walked in, my size was sold out. Copped a 10.5 which was the closest to a 12, with the intent to trade someone for my size. Never happened, so finally put them up for sale recently since they've been collecting dust. Got a zillion offers and finally accepted $1000 from a kid that seemed really cool and had a very respectable collection on his IG feed. So ended the auction early, and here we are.
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    Holy shit...Just realized that I've been married and divorced since the last time I've really been on here. Hahahahaha! Thankfully, still a full head of hair, painting abstracts and flying drones these days.
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    Like Seeking, I've come to loathe social platforms like Instagram. I removed my Facebook account because I had over 500 'close' friends whom weighed in on personal posts from time to time, as if we really were close friends. I found it interestingly uncomfortable, and slightly violating. The weirdest thing about closing that account was that the person most upset about it was my mother, because she felt we wouldn't talk as much were I not on Facebook (we talk on the phone every Sunday, always have). So I opened a new account just so she can share her thoughts, memes, recipes, and Candy Crush scores with me. It's odd. My Instagram account has stalled because I can't be bothered. Every once in a while I find an old drawing or something that I think would be cool to share, but mostly I just look at other folks images, mostly following cycling/motorcycle related accounts, painters, and sculpture makers than I do Graffiti writers. I keep the account open because somehow people still find my work relevant and I'm able to sell a print or painting every once in a while, which I'm quite thankful for. I'm sure at some point I'll start creating new work to share but I'm not stressed about it. Honestly, it's nice to create work when I feel the urge and not because of a deadline, but that's another conversation. To the point... Forums were the way we used technology when we were twenty-somethings. It was our thing, it's how we all met, how we engaged, how we conversed, how we grew up. As expected technology grew and with it new platforms. Today's twenty somethings are growing up with the current stock of sharing media and find those platforms relevant compared to a forum. I think most kids relate forums to the comment section of any article online, like Hypebeast, which is littered with the most vile, hateful shit... all from some 18 year old who thinks he's bad because he wears an overpriced 5-panel hat. I don't know that the 12oz forum can get back to its heyday but I think you're right in believing that folks might be ready for something new, even an old platform. The only reason I believe that is because whenever I'm in a bar or restaurant or walking down the street, I'm constantly hearing people talk about current events and they all believe they're experts. I think a forum is a great place for them to voice their opinions as opposed to Instagram or Twitter, but the problem will be getting folks on board. Honestly, I didn't even know Twitter was still a thing till a few months after Trump was elected. I think the biggest hurdle is that everyone uses their phone, now. If a forum can be optimized for a 4" screen that would help but even then you're not going to get solid conversations going because no one is going to want to type 2000 characters using a tiny keyboard that constantly auto-corrects. Or maybe it's just me. I do miss the time I used to spend on here and wish I had the time to get back in and spend at least a few hours a week, but my current spare time is so limited that I cherish those few hours by not looking at a screen, and instead I choose to hang with my wife and/or friends and talk face to face. I know, I know... that's some OG shit.
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    Speaking as someone who was here during the heyday of this site, and as someone who thinks they know everything.... while things have absolutely changed, in many ways i feel for the worse, I'm not sure its possible to go back. subcultures do not exist as they used to. access to information is available to everyone at all times, that diminishes the need for community in the way we had it here. we were a huge group of like minded individuals who often felt at odds with our immediate surrounding. that is less of the case these days I'm afraid. now, even if you hate instagram (as i notoriously do) you're likely still a part of it. you still have information coming at you all the time at breakneck pace. what used to take months to cycle through, now happens in a matter of hours and is forgotten just as quickly. its difficult to imagine a message board keeping up with that. i don't know about anyone else's habits, but i barely even touch computers anymore. i had to dig my 9 year old laptop out from under a pile of books then track down my charger just to reply to this thread. yes, i could have done it with my phone, but no matter how well a site works on a 4' screen, the physical constraints of typing with thumbs into a claustrophobic box makes constructing thoughts more difficult. you have less patience both to read and to write. id honestly have never made it through your initial post had i been on my phone. "TLDR" too long didn't read. on top of that, i think people also just have less need to go to websites at all. i can't remember the last time i checked to see if a non-commercial (shopping) entity even had a website? and maybe there are still an army of folks with desk jobs looking to kill time while they collect their check, but i don't really know those people. my life is far removed from what it was 18 years ago (holy fuck!!) when i spent 10 hours a day on this site. i kind of doubt that those who are now in the position we all were back then... they've never communicated as we have. they don't know what they're missing, so will have no desire to recreate it, ya know? they're fine with the way things are, it's all they know. im not sure if any of that really answers anything. i'd love to see forums reemerge, but thats also largely from a place of nostalgic romance. i don't have the time to take part in them, even if they did. which isn't to say this is a lost cause, but it will never be what it was. graffiti is not what it was. a kardashian make up forum may do great now, but graffiti? does anyone even give a fuck about graffiti? posting your own work on here used to be an instant disqualifier, now every writer has an instagram and a paint sponsor. people love street wear. they love to buy and consume. no one creates, and absolutely no one creates just for the love, at cost to themselves...
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    Step 1: No Step 2: Don't Step 3: Do not rely on 12oz for answers. Find answers in real life. The old 12oz would have brutally humiliated you for everyone's enjoyment but yours. I miss those days dearly.
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