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    tail gate some guy filling a camel back with booze. i doubt he made it in. they lost the end.
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    Couple of paintings from new exhibition
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    hey homies... update time: so yea, i was feeling pretty powerless over alcohol about 6 months ago. decided it was time to get my shit in order. i wrote all about that low period in my life probably some 20 pages back, too lazy to search for it. i tried to go cold turkey. i failed, just didnt work for me. tried goin to some meetings too. again, not for me, but i do see alot of value in them, especially with how you meet others in your same predicament. i began to assess what the reasons were for my heavy alcohol consumption. at first i thought it was boredom and loneliness, as i had lost a few good relationships in recent years. fucking bar whores is only cool on the temporary, eventually you want substance. but then i realized that even when i am in healthy relationships with the opposite sex, i still drink. so really, im not lonely, and any feelings related to that are strictly due to myself and my addictions pushing others away. i then came to the very simple realization that i had lost the ability to enjoy myself or have any sort of fun without alcohol. i believe addiction is somewhat of a routine learned behaviour, and after over ten years of hard drinking, i had never hung out with friends or done anything i enjoyed without the company of liquor. i forgot how to. i dont think ive painted anything since 2001 without being absolutely shitfaced. so i decided to make an effort to keep myself busy and engage in activities that i enjoy without booze. it worked. somehow ive managed to go from an everyday blackout alcoholic, to getting that shit under control (i hope). working out and working hard at my job really helps too. i joined a mens hockey league, something i dont think i would have had the guts to do 6 months ago. my alcoholism always made me feel insecure. ive been promoted and have gotten three raises since may. makes me sick thinkin about how much time ive wasted, but oh well. live and learn, right? i still drink, i cant front. i watched the jon jones fight last saturday and had 3 beers. that is unheard of for me. having 3 beers is an experience i havent had in a long ass time. it was refreshing as fuck. ive been making an effort to limit myself. i can now sit down with a room full of homies who are hammered and just smoke herb. that shit always made me nervous as fuck, not drinkin when others are, but im actually doin it. ive learned how to say "no thanks", its dope. that jon jones fight was a big test for me. i was 3 deep, and was gettin pressured by my peers and myself to sit down and drink another case. but then i thought, if i leave now, i can drive my car home, go to bed at a decent hour, and not feel like shit the next morning on my one day off. or i can sit here, polish off another 12 beers, and be at the same place, with the same people, doin the same shit, just more inebriated, with the temptation to drive home wasted. i jetted. im proud of myself. thanks for listening 12oz. good luck to all of you. -sayword?
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    Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right A B Select Start SMASH
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    Went to this Saturday night with some friends. Had these 2 asian girls (Not his Wife) in bondage gear whippin each other on stage. They were so incredible live. Played all their big songs and only 1 from their new album. Were on stage for 1hr 45min. They. Were. Awesome.
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    random cell phone day/s in pie/s walked spotted brah van off to friends "lobtoberfest" can't go empty handed.
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    Untitled by sb83, on Flickr Torres del Paine by emebecé, on Flickr Aye for detail by sub-urban.com, on Flickr 218 ft. High. by Ronny "Gordon Bombay" Salerno, on Flickr Untitled by tightsqueez, on Flickr Top of the Golden Gate Bridge by Neil See, on Flickr ........... by thaflix, on Flickr Nothing to do but smile by aye_shamus, on Flickr III by insanebuslady, on Flickr
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    just figured out how to resize flicks on my pops computer... yesyes. new banners are cool as fuck! lllllounngginnn.
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    BRICKOS GOT THE HOT FYREEEE [like always, peep the bmx thread nurgas]
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    Old Chub is a great fucking beer, had it off the tap in la. (and would do it again)
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    That's a hippo saving a antelope from a crocodile and then helping it get away.
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    Relapsed recently. Blew 7+ months down the drain, but I don't give a shit about that. Going to a few meetings tonight. Trying to get on track. I felt like straight death this weekend after about a fifth, some white girl, and some of that black. Just over feeling like shit. I had fun though. I just got complacent and stopped going to meetings. And although I didn't get into any legal trouble, I just feel like a douche bag when I drink. Knocked some kids teeth out then got a gun pulled on me on Friday night. Not worth it at all.
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    a lesson in true aioli. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAzJKwvi75U aioli is not a creamy mayonnaise like sauce. it should be pungent in garlic. it's not a sauce that you just add some sriracha to mayo and call it red chili aioli or anything else like that for any matter. aioli is an emulision of egg yolk lots of fucking garlic and oil. nothing else is aioli. /yesfrenchtrainedoner aioli is not a mother sauce therefore does not have derivatives
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    can i "kick it?" YES YOU CAN! tribe is the best ha
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    hahahaha^^^^^^^ i tried convincing my buddy to upload the videos he has from the nlcs last year... after the win they called tons of cheese steak spots in philly and ordered cheese steaks on sourdough......the obvious reply was "we don't have sourdough", "Well you better get some you fucks...this is san francisco, and we on the way to the world series!!!" i know act like you been there etc etc. just thought it was funny. *see you guys in next years thread, its been fun. i will be cheering on the NL
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    at first I was like... but then I was like... and now I am like...
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    You like fat women. You're doing a social service.
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    ( Dao streches fingers, cracks knuckles, takes deep breath and gets ready to unleash the fury) 2 feet tot he left of his milk crate of 90's Transworld Magazines. ( with the Stussy adds ripped out for wall decor.)
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    there is a little person in the background, and she is happy like I to see dat ass
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    Hmm... Here's some really cool shit from Will Lollie. One of the best in the biz... *************** http://willlollie.com/
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    Re: You looking at threads? . . . . . . . Fuck lookin at threads, *Swag *Swag *Swag ^^ he makes me want to cry and cum at the same time
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    Pornography is literature designed to be read with one hand
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    Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA Somewhere west of Colorado ~ this place was the best so far in terms of a fun day. Took a "road" that said Petroglyphs --> and it turned into 3 dirt roads which I just picked one which turned into 3 more dirt roads. I just kept going, found an old trailer where a security guard used to sleep. unlocked. But, as i had dope and a couple of guns on my I did not want to be doing anything too illegal. Besides - I'm supposed to be roughing it. Fuck a trailer, in this fucking landscape, are you kidding me??
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    Looks like a clean panel to me...
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    at first I was like... but then I was like...
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    Des by WWW.IHEARTFR8S.TK, on Flickr Sicr and Jerx by WWW.IHEARTFR8S.TK, on Flickr Des and Gyser by WWW.IHEARTFR8S.TK, on Flickr
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    Capitalism runs the world. Period. People who have the power make all the decisions and keep all the secrets and they control the media. Is that a conspiracy theory? I think it's just fact (and especially cause I work in media, I am reluctant to believe anything anyone says without proof).
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