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  1. serious. your eyeballs have not been seperated from your face since we last met, have they!?
  2. prop'd i would much rather prefer to get tattooed at the shop that Mike Malone opened & apprenticed Arment in.
  3. Boodah: you HAVE seen the origianl image before, please say yes!?
  4. rather not say from who, but a cple of you know. no money was involved.
  5. guess i am one lucky mother fucker. i wont even dry snitch & say the folks i have received them from. but alot of my customers offer it to me pretty regularly. and i don't do work for scratchers. jusssayin'
  6. neither, just stating that getiing a free tattoo does not mean that it lacks quality. (some people actually "like" what they do for a living & on occasion put it before money) :D
  7. how in fucks sake can you remember all of that!? :confused:
  8. i get free tattoos all the time, they definitely do no suck nor are the artsists desperate for pictures.
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