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Everything posted by menaceIIsobriety

  1. serious. your eyeballs have not been seperated from your face since we last met, have they!?
  2. prop'd i would much rather prefer to get tattooed at the shop that Mike Malone opened & apprenticed Arment in.
  3. Boodah: you HAVE seen the origianl image before, please say yes!?
  4. rather not say from who, but a cple of you know. no money was involved.
  5. guess i am one lucky mother fucker. i wont even dry snitch & say the folks i have received them from. but alot of my customers offer it to me pretty regularly. and i don't do work for scratchers. jusssayin'
  6. neither, just stating that getiing a free tattoo does not mean that it lacks quality. (some people actually "like" what they do for a living & on occasion put it before money) :D
  7. how in fucks sake can you remember all of that!? :confused:
  8. i get free tattoos all the time, they definitely do no suck nor are the artsists desperate for pictures.
  9. how was the Jester King homie?? almost grabbed one the other day, but thought i would wait on a review.
  10. on another note. this strikes no one as, odd in the least huh?? USERS CURRENTLY VIEWING THIS THREAD: 135 (45 members and 90 guests)
  11. Boodah: did you get to see see Matt in SF walking around in only boxer shorts. it is pretty god damn amazing to see all of those awesome Cripwell tattoos on one body. that is one smart mother fucker right there.
  12. my haul for this jive turkey day assed "holiday". Mammoth Brewery sponsored to the max. love your freinds & family. fight the power.
  13. i have seen a couple pics in the shop of this & heard the stories. but this was really cool to see. (real life props)
  14. i would be mega bummed if that thing was on me. to the max.
  15. ^ it was alright..... on price alone would not purchase again.
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