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  1. coulda done without about 90% of that
  2. hot dog eating contest in da mtns...txt 4 deetails
  3. it sucks that a cool analog technique got fucked all up by the stoopid eyephone. ghey
  4. hahah check out deez throwbax from 11/11!!
  5. can i still enter if i can't do hip hop?
  6. damn yo! i waz just about to paint a burner in my backyard..but ima get on dat!
  7. cool perspective on that sicr flick. sjae fag arrow
  8. small pic...whatevz http://www.mountainx.com/article/40650/NC-House-committee-issues-subpeonas-to-compel-EPA-officials-to-testify-on-CTS
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