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  1. Stumpled upon this, Retna did the new Bush album cover, The Sea Of Memories....some randon person on the net said it was boring and impossible to read....
  2. revok's blog zes amd nekst smashing detroit
  3. Yes sir. Shit is comedy!! NY Ink too son.
  4. Check the asian dude who can hold his breath for 5 minutes under like 45 feet on water, basically walking on the ocean floor cause he has zero body fat harpooning fish for the family....wild!!! Kind old news, but the show is fucking awesome.
  5. Just saw Andrew WK get a LINE as in _________ tattoed on his arm on LA Ink....hilarious!! Also Kat Von D tattooed these two black chicks 'portraits' of their mom that looked NOTHING like her, I understand they were about 8 inches high and detail is kinda iffy but these ladies walked out with a fucking white chick on them!! Shit is terrible!!!!
  6. Not me........but when my sister was 20 she witnessed a murder, she was sitting in a drug store parking lot and three stalls over two dudes were trying to sell a 1/4 pound of bud.....the guy in the back seat was a tweaker that had no intention of buying it, he pulled out a handgun and straight blew the guy in the driver's seat's face off, she heard gunshots and turned and saw this guy catch like 5 bullets to the face....the other guy jumped out and ran and got lit up in the back....he survived, but his screams were the worst thing my sister has hear in her life....whole thing fucked her up bad for a while.....20 years old, fresh out on her own and she got a cold dose of how fucked the world is..... crazy thing is too, the guy who pulled the trigger ended up being charged with another murder the week before, shot some guy sitting in his driveway with a rifle,......that guy was her best friend's dad...
  7. King of what? KING OF STYYYYYYYYYLE!!!! Super duty tough work..... I remember seeing Style Wars when I was 13 and watching him draw in the kitchen and him admiring that poster with his boys.......that bit got me so fucking hyped on graffiti....I would smash page after page in my book. RIP....a REAL inspiration
  8. ^^^ SICK. Rask was killin it in the early 00s.
  9. That's a GNARLY dose of sub man, especially if your on maintenance. The only way I see 32mgs being neccessary is the first week of coming off a huuuuuuuge habit, detox hell. I take 2mg a day when I'm on maintenance and it does me right. I snort it though......
  10. Yup. Pretty much. Heroin is a motherfucker, the single worst thing I've ever done to myself. It lowered my standard of living in such a subtle way over the years, I look at myself now, and think I can't believe what a junkie piece of shit I've turned into. I'm on another relapse run.........why?!?! 6 months ago I got heavy into smoking crack, and a few weeks later the crack is going in the cap with the dope, now I've a speedball freak. My life is a mess right now, one dirty urine and I'm the county for a year. I've got to man up and live life, not floating in an opiate haze. Heroin feels so fucking good, it completely destroys your ability to cope with ANYTHING remotely uncomfortable, for me thats the hardest part of staying clean....
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