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  1. i found the answer, i just needed to use a subnet calculator. if anyone else is curious, i figured it out with these resources: http://www.aelius.com/njh/subnet_sheet.html http://www.subnet-calculator.com/
  2. I'm hoping that there are some networking heads in here. With no routing statements in place, what logical addresses can be reached from an interface with the IP If you know the answer, can you offer some explanation as well? I'm trying to figure this shit out. edit: (yes it's for some homework)
  3. A man's muscles seizing as he attempted to crawl away from a car fire while burning to death. Michele Bachmann eating a corn dog.
  4. i'd suggest an overnight train to prague, if you're going to be in poland
  5. George Bush naked and tied to a swing-set with condoms full of blood hot glued to his neck, while 4 year old white american children throw dirt and sticks at him and strippers are trying to pop the condoms with slingshots and nickels, but they miss every time.
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