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  1. Obnoxious

    Blood Moon!

    I almost missed it as well if I hadn't taken my dogs out for a late night walk I would have missed it, I'll be back with posting and uploading pics on other threads too, damn it's been so long, and that's true symbols there is another one in october, a total of 4 with only a 6 month intervals, this was the 1st one so I know I'll be ready for the other 3
  2. Obnoxious

    Blood Moon!

    It has been a really long time since I have posted on 12oz, maybe more than 3 years, one thing I did enjoy is moon pics like the eclipses and super moon thread from a long while back, I didn't have my tripod for my camera so I used an iPhone but I know a few of you guys actually took some very professional photos of tonight's eclipse, so if you wanna share please post!
  3. Obnoxious

    831 cali

  4. Obnoxious


    i kinda figured it would end up like this.. but people do DIE everyday, what about the thousands of kids killed everyday across the world? why isn't there anyone wanting justice for them? fucked up outcome but what can we do? nothing..
  5. Obnoxious

    831 cali

    miss all the dope flicks...
  6. Obnoxious

    27 dead in elementary school shooting

    can someone post a pic of obamas fake tear after discussing this horrible tragedy with the nation.. this might just bring in more gun control laws, Right to bear arms, might aswell cross that out..
  7. Obnoxious

    Pugilism AKA Boxing Thread .................

    I still can't forget this fight.. really was a good fucking fight, i can't ever forget the look of my philippino co workers hahaha. Viva Mexico! the look of pac mans wife after the k.o had me rollin :lol:
  8. Obnoxious

    The fuck is going on?

    i can copy and paste shit too nigga and i never said it was secret hurricane sandy simulation 1997 http://www.weca.org/SET/report/node6.html
  9. Obnoxious

    The fuck is going on?

    yeah man. continue your progress in debunkin nonsense i support you 110%, that once in a lifetime "perfect" storm was actually man made. dumped chemtrails before it even hit the east coast. thru out south carolina and many other places. manipulating weather is possible. hurricane sandy was the perfect oppurtunity to see how strong this goverment can manipulate our atmosphere.. but hey.. pee in her butt?
  10. Obnoxious

    The fuck is going on?

    with the world yo :o http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhE8a0GWKo75r44RW5 http://youtu.be/IxPDUBqLdNc
  11. Obnoxious

    Hurricane Sandy: We're all going to die.

    goes to show how totally unprepared the people of the u.s are. can't even handle a bit of rain and strong winds.. fags..
  12. Obnoxious

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    smoking.. thinking about my co worker who i want so bad.
  13. Obnoxious

    831 cali

  14. Obnoxious

    831 cali

    what happened....