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  1. bear without hair = rise of the lycans
  2. go's online to look for a job, ends up on here for 3 hours
  3. should i post some flicks? got some fresh ones ....
  4. werms been in the dirt where he belongs, and that last pm was halarious shizo, y u being a lil ho saying u dont got problems? fag.
  5. lol fuckin abuke.. thats right
  6. u are voes fag .. post some of ur shit i wana have a good laugh already
  7. toy shut up u aint shit and u never been shit sence high school. all u were known for is being on bugsy and abukes dick . voes ur shit is garbage ur a little bich too . post some voes nigga lets have laugh :lol:
  8. wow zues really downgraded .. still aint guna make lcm anybetter.. shit is always shit.
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