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  1. Burger time! Brioche bun, mushrooms, swiss, aioli
  2. Just gonna post a few older photos Peach tartine, fresh cheese, olive oil, thyme
  3. @Mercer Thanks! I typically have used rye for the starter, gets really active really quick. Also gives it a heady sour, almost vinegary. If it gets too strong I'll use ap to kind of dull it out a bit. Still messing around though. Been trying to get it dialed in tough so I can use it in the restaurant once we re open. It would be nice to not have to buy in bread.
  4. Just a few things from home. It's been weird not working during the pandemic shit. I have been in and out of love with cooking since the restaurant closed. I'm kinda bitter about the whole situation but, at the end of the day I get it. Got some sourdough (25% rye, 25% coarse wheat,50% white bread flour) Linguini and clams, classic. And prawn gyros
  5. I was over looking at the post your meals super pooper thread and thought it was sad that it had died off. Then I saw this. Man, I gotta stay up on the good ol oontz man. Cheers!
  6. Haven't been on the oontz in years, sad news to see. Rest easy.
  7. Glad to see a familiar handle. I remember protester from times past. This thread was crackin for quite a while with a bunch of like minded food nerds! It was pretty epic, sharing recipes and what not. Hopefully itll pick up a little steam again! Smoked leg of lamb, grits cake, morel mushroom, ramps, sunny side up duck egg, harissa sauce, scallion gremolata. Kind of bummed on the picture but, shit happens when your busy as fuck during Easter brunch service. Cheers!
  8. pan roasted sturgeon,celeryroot puree, peas, fava beans, kumquat beurre blanc, pickled kumquat
  9. Is this still a thing? Been on this forum for damn near 20 years. What's good? I like free swag. Hahahaha!
  10. Pretty standard end to my day, get home after work and my pup whiskey just clings to me.....literally.
  11. From my last menu, seared foie gras, savory bread pudding, roasted apple puree, pickled apple, calvados caramel, crispy chicken skin.
  12. I'm gonna bump this just to see if any of yall are still on here. Been a few years so I doubt it. Pics soon enough. I've been a busy guy over the 3 years.
  13. Thanks man. Just about all those are my own dishes i had ran as specials or had on the menu. The valentines menu stuff my sous, head chef, myself and one other bad ass collaborated on. My dish was the lobster but, everyone had feed back and was involved in every process of every dish. it was awesome. But I moved on and am continuing to work my way up at the new place im cooking at. Cheers!
  14. this was the finished duck terrine, the one above was from the test run. From bottom up is duck gelee, smoked breast, confit, liver mousse. Other than the addition of chestnut soil. all the ingredients are the same, I tried to edit it but apparently I took to long.
  15. valentines menu Vday amuse, smoked shigoku, champagne granita, yuzu pearls, Egyptian starflower. vday menu, duck terrine (smoked duck breast, duck confit, liver mousse) pomegranate fluid gel, Chevre but squash puree, sunchoke, duck cracklin, assorted baby greens baby vegetable tagine, beet custard, spiced veg consome foam, harissa butter. after table side service Lobster, vanilla potato fondant, romanesco, Meyer lemon, American sturgeon caviar, lobster nage Filet, foie torchon, bone marrow crust fingerlings,ciopolinnis, petite beet greens, oxtail braisage
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