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  1. Some serious heaters!!! Damn!
  2. Made bagel and cured steelhead the other day. I cured the steelhead in a vac bag for 24hrs, dried in the fridge unwrapped for 24hrs then cut it into blocks and froze it. I forgot about it for a while but damn is it good!!! Garnished with avocado, shaved onion, pickled jalapenos and chive.
  3. It really is close to being an obsession. Borderline a problem. However, at home is sometimes the best time to be creative. There are so many distractions while in the restaurant. I never wrote menus and hardly tested new recipes while at work. It does lead to burn out though if I'm not careful. Through covid I've had a lot of time to think of new ways to be better at time management. Hopefully when the time comes I can put those thoughts to action. But yeah, sometimes when I'm at home cooking was the last thing I wanted to do.
  4. I made another batch of english muffins today. Trouble shooting this recipe I've been using. Subbed in bread flour for half the amount of ap flour. Also added more salt. They came out a bit better than my last batch flavor wise and texture wise. Still has room for improvement though. Cheers!
  5. Thanks, I have a pretty extensive culinary background. Been cooking professionally for the last 15 years ago. Still learning all the time though. Especially with baking and pastry! Haven't heard of that site. I'll have to check it out.
  6. Some white bread Pb&j on some of that fresh white bread. Homemade apricot jam, fresh ground peanut butter. Hokkaido buns(japanese milk bread) Burger and a salad, caramelized onion jam, havarti, iceberg, aioli English muffins Home made toaster strudels, puff dough filled with a ras el hanout spiced blueberry jam
  7. Sirloin marinated in chimichurri, pan roasted then chilled. Salad of pearl cous cous, shrimp, avocado, tomato and fresh herbs. Little green bibb salad with apples and radish. Red wine vinaigrette.
  8. I typically strain twice by this point, at work I would let it simmer for a few hours then strain into a new pot and continue reducing then strain again once finished. At home, it's whatevs.
  9. Thanks man, they are all natural yeast sourdough. I shape them freehand and then proof in bannetone baskets. I bake them in a dutch oven set on a stone. As far as the peppercorn Bordelaise it works beautifully on steak. Think of a peppercorn sauce on crack!!! Next time I'm gonna grind em a bit in the old mortar and pestle. They are definitely more perfumey than regular peppercorns so, it can become overpowering pretty quickly. Overall though I'd give it two thumbs up!!!
  10. Making sauce with itsallafarce (Szechuan peppercorn bordelaise) Saute mushrooms until nice and brown add onions or shallots if you got em (I didn't.) Caramelize onions, add aromats (thyme, bay leaves, Szechuan peppercorn) Brandy to deglaze Deglaze that shit, scrape the fucking pan with your wooden spoon. Reduce that shit to au sec (almost dry) Get your fucking red wine (don't use shitty wine you wouldn't drink by the glass either. Cheapskate.) Same process as with the brandy. Add veal stock once your red wine has reduced by half Now let it summer and reduce by at least 2/3rds (could be more or less depending on the strength of your stock.) Once the sauce has reduced to the point it costs your spoon really well (I forgot to flick that part.) Add your fucking butter a pat at a time, while whisking. Keep whisking until your butter is fully emulsified into the sauce. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Put that shit on anything. Especially on meat. But, literally anything will taste better with this sauce.
  11. Sole with tarbais beans spinach and almandine Strip steak with potatoes and asparagus, Szechuan peppercorn bordelaise
  12. Been baking a little bit lately. Assorted breads and bagels.
  13. Seahawks are going to give me a fucking anurism.
  14. Soft scrambled eggs, mushroom, spinach, parmigiano cheese, perigord truffle and baguette. Breakfast of champingons!!!! (French pun alert!!!)
  15. Sealand intermodal is what it looks like to me.
  16. Made a go to for dinner tonight. Kale and potato soup, finished with a six minute egg, parmigiano and some fresh perigord truffle. Fucking. Delicious.
  17. Naw served hot. It typically gets gratined for pick up during service. Let it temper, then place some cheese on top and pop it in the salamander or broiler. Or you can sear it on the sides like that for a pavé.
  18. It's definitely a fine dining thing. It's a gift from the kitchen, a nice little bite to get the appetite excited. "I ate his kidneys with fava beans and, a nice chianti."
  19. Almost forgot a picture of the gougerés I made. Paté a choux with cheese (in this case I used pūr brevis{a sheep's milk cheese from the agour region of France}) delicious little amuse bouche to start diner with!
  20. Was helping a friend/mentor over the last couple weeks as I mentioned. Throughout all of it I managed to snap a few food shots. A pomegranate caramel in the works Portion of the pommes dauphinoise (layers of potato, herbs, cheese and cream.) Mini loaf of thyme brioche that was to be served with a duo of mousse(one was foie and the other salmon.) I wish I would've stopped to take a few more. We were making some really good stuff. It's been a little over 5 months since the restaurant I was his head chef at closed. After being burnt out, pissed, sad, depressed, doubtful and just really hating everything that was going on. It was nice to jump back in and be able to help the man that has been helping me grow for the last 6 years as a chef and as a human as well. Cheers folks! Hope you all have a very happy New Year! To looking forward to the future even as unsure as it seems!!!!
  21. Pizza!!!! Also from a while back. Caramelized onions, mushroom, spinach, chevre. Confit artichokes, sundried tomatoes, anchovy, peppercinni, mozz
  22. From a while back. Soy marinated chilean sea bass. Ginger scented rice, sauteed mustard greens.
  23. Been busy helping a friend while he's away from his restaurant. Haven't cooked much at home over the last week or so. But, I did make this bad bitch for the Christmas boxes we sold. Confit turkey terrine garnished with carrots and Rosemary. It's set with a chicken consommé fortified with gelatin.
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