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  1. Pieces from 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 in several cities of Uruguay Instagram: @jnchy15_vlc
  3. @Schnitzelbrought up a great point in the Beyond The Streets thread. Henry Chalfant's work will be on display in the Bronx Museum for a few months this winter. With that said, this is probably a must see for anyone visiting NYC. First off, about he Bronx museum. There are only 3 museums I really dig in NYC, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, The Queens Museum, and the Bronx Museum mostly because they tend to focus on living artists, or obscure artists. Blasphemy for an anarchist like myself since they're government funded but I have to keep it real, the museums are dope AF sometimes. First time I went to Bronx Museum was for Wayne Lawrence, a local photographer who got pretty famous when he made this killer book of photos taken at Orchard Beach in the BX. I didn't get his book, but @STAN51was smart enough to get one signed by him at that show. Not much to say about the museum itself, I don't know anyone who works there, and have never been involved myself unlike the BK/Queens museums. The museum itself is in the heart of the South Bronx not too far from the "writers bench" on Grand Concourse. Believe it on not, I walked away from that show with a new found appreciation, and love for the South Bronx. After the show, we wandered around still kind of high from seeing a photographer like Wayne finally make it, and scoping out the amazing artwork (photographs) on display. We ended up in this newly built park next to Yankee's Stadium where kids actually had "drift" remote control cars and were racing them on a track made for it in the park. For some reason what I was seeing that day didn't fit my picture of South Bronx, but at the same time it did 100% if that makes any sense. Hard to admit, but I got more from the museum showcasing the Bronx that day than I did from the actual work. Guess from living rough areas myself growing up, and having friends that grew up there and listening to their stories, I always felt like it was an unfortunate circumstance to have to grow up in that hood. I just failed to see the massive positives. Something flipped in my mind that day and made me feel kids were lucky to be able to grow up there. @STAN51and I were there on a long MTA mission from Queens, and didn't link with any of the South Bronx locals that day as per our usual routine since we both had dates. No matter, everyone we came across roaming the streets was cool as fuck, even to Stan who was probably the only token white person around. Granted, Stan isn't your typical white boy, but we got nothing but good vibes that day. Chilling there now, and smoking weed in the park, and cheap beers in brown bags has become a must do tradition for me every time I go now, solo mission or not. Either to the museum or Yankee's stadium which is close by. I always walk away with a bit more inspiration than I arrived with. Probably my favorite "hidden feature" of the Bronx Museum is it's location. Hope to share some of that with some of you, so if anyone wants to link up for this let me know.
  4. For this photo set I followed the Mad Girls into the yard for a day of painting and just overall a good time here's what I captured. Artists: Money, Oshun Photos By Bazookafilms77
  5. In 2016 after Trump was elected I started a project called Mobilize Walls. This project is and activation project to create a petition of scale to make a larger wall. This wall is decentralized meaning real walls networked together all over the world. The MW wall consists of style writing, murals, street art and land art. Relative to this forum the wall has contributions from writers such as TUKE ONE, EMIT, ZEHB ONE and BNOK. I believe just writers alone can circle the Earth with pieces about 5 times. The MW wall is currently at 10 miles long, 50,000 sq. ft. and has spots from Kenya to Thailand. The project was inspired by the fall of the Berlin wall and the style writing movement. One element that is threading through this project in regards to Style Writing is it is the first globally networked form of visual expression and in itself it is a global decentralized network. If you are interested in this project check out the website www.mobilizewalls.com . If you feel the Trump wall is a divisive force of destruction please send me images, location "optional", moniker and sizes of your pieces to add to the MW wall.
  6. 1 on 1 with Artists STAX & ION Filmed & Edited By Bazookafilms77 Music By Husalah, Keak Da Sneak, Philthy Rich, Playboi Carti
  7. What would be the features the following wall printing drone should have as a graffiti and tag tool? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hj9UDmWpyks&t=3s
  8. ??????????Check out my new video. My homie Arch did a piece for his girl for their anniversary. Please Like Share and Support! Thank you all! https://youtu.be/rcJ_eK-0zz8
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPW9zqUOaT4 LEARN: Tags will offer users multiple game modes that are all centered around graffiti and street art. Users will be immersed in a dystopian world where the government has outlawed creativity and has been brainwashing its citizens. The main game’s stealth missions are all about spray painting over mind-controlling signals without being seen. There will be items to help users stay hidden from the state’s surveillance and bring their painting to new heights. If users would rather create their own graffiti art without disruption, practice mode allows a safe and realistic simulation of spray painting. Users will even be able to share their art onto social media. Another cool feature of LEARN: Tags is the use of an in-game currency to customize characters and unlock more painting features and levels. We are excited for users to explore our unique in-game environments and really take their graffiti to new lengths.
  10. I went to a local graffiti event and did my first video of the piece being done, i just wanted to put it out there and see what you lot think?? really appreciate your opinions..... link>>>
  11. just done a new video and wanted to share with you guys, hope you enjoy. :)
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