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Found 14 results

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPW9zqUOaT4 LEARN: Tags will offer users multiple game modes that are all centered around graffiti and street art. Users will be immersed in a dystopian world where the government has outlawed creativity and has been brainwashing its citizens. The main game’s stealth missions are all about spray painting over mind-controlling signals without being seen. There will be items to help users stay hidden from the state’s surveillance and bring their painting to new heights. If users would rather create their own graffiti art without disruption, practice mode allows a safe and realistic simulation of spray painting. Users will even be able to share their art onto social media. Another cool feature of LEARN: Tags is the use of an in-game currency to customize characters and unlock more painting features and levels. We are excited for users to explore our unique in-game environments and really take their graffiti to new lengths.
  2. I went to a local graffiti event and did my first video of the piece being done, i just wanted to put it out there and see what you lot think?? really appreciate your opinions..... link>>>
  3. Sotep

    graffiti skate and paint

    just done a new video and wanted to share with you guys, hope you enjoy. :)
  4. just been exploring this abandoned WW1 lab and did a few pieces just wanted to share it with you guys...
  5. ArtyCity

    New Street Art blog

    Hi all, There is a new street art blog (run by us) - now covering the UK (London mostly) and Chile (Santiago & Valparaiso) but also sometime featuring other places we visit, like Beirut. Find it at @arty.city on instagram and facebook (links should be in the signature). Let the force be with you :) AC
  6. sprayguru

    Sia Graffiti Speed Painting

    Hey guys, please check out my video painting Sia with spray cans only. you can check the video at my facebook page - SprayGuru.
  7. Sotep

    Bike graffiti mission

    not a lot happening today so just made a short video to share with you guys, would love your input ...
  8. Hey guys just uploaded this, just wondering what you guys think??
  9. Sotep

    Daytime rooftop spot

    just made this video with a go pro i got for christmas and wanted to share it with you guys,
  10. Lol me know what y'all think , shitty styles or naw . Posted oldest to newest , newest done today ,
  11. [MEDIA=vimeo]167642126[/MEDIA] MVIN // 100 PERSIANAS A huge illegal graffiti piece divided in 100 shutters in Barcelona. Approximative size of the piece 30mx20m. See the full project on Instagram : @100persianas Project by : www.mrmvin.com
  12. jil'z


    Chie timet s'abba non si hachet 'a pastore