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  1. zomg.. what I'd give to have a couple P4's in my stable. so. much. money.
  2. When you marry the girl, you marry the family.... Make sure your lady is worth it. /askmehowiknow
  3. I'm sure Watson knows more about BMW's than I do, but my $.02.. $2k for a 20+ year old BMW pushing 130K miles is asking for trouble.. That is unless you know how to wrench your own cars. If not, and you need to bring it to a service shop, make sure to have money in the bank and some KY, because you'll need it.
  4. I know this is just a trailer queen but... If this car went off track, those lines would be ripped off in a second. Shops like Singer and Magnus Walker are dope, but they just produce boutique cars. I'm not sure how they will hold value in the next 10+ years.
  5. What a complete waste of money. Fix the stance, finish the bumper, lines look horrible, retarded wing. 2/10 would not bang.
  6. Sorry Protester, haven't had much action on the 935... still waiting on the engine. Just got the motec rebuilt and reprogrammed. Hopefully in a week or so we can dump it in. In the meantime, rebuilt a 912 and completely rebuilt another RSR switching the front end from a Peter Greg wall dam to a modified FIA front end to accommodate his humongous oil cooler. The red RSR has a stroked out 4.2L motor..... Full blown race car, 480 HP.....Stupid fast. The 935 should push somewhere in the realm of 650-670ish hp.
  7. I actually built this car. That orange 935 I posted a page back is the third car I've built for the same customer. The owner is a semi pro driver who races ALMS and IMSA.. He has quite the stable of cars.
  8. been looking for a copy of Bike Cad Pro on the interwebs and can't find anything. Searched the warez forums, torrent sites, and some newsgroups. Anyone have a lead on this? https://www.bikecad.ca/bikecadpro
  9. @Protester body panels are loosely hung until final fit (hence the lines) but figured you would dig it. Waiting on engine. Will be a 3.6 single turbo. Motec management system. 480 hp.
  10. dwel


    Finished my first frame.
  11. Brilliant. To expand on this tip... - Use a small nail (drywall nails work well) and hammer out 10 to 15 holes in the lip of the paint can where the lid seats with the can. When you tap the lid back on, any residual pain will seep back into the can and not harden up and glue the lid to the can. Also, Use 2" masking tape and make a pouring spout on the opposite side of the color label (auto paint usually puts color codes on the side, not the top). Pour without getting paint all over the side of your can.
  12. @drew- that 356 is bannnnnnggginn the Ferrari's and 240's do nothing for me......
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