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Anyone heard from Rage?


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Okay, I found him. Here's the thing, I know all of his info now, but I can't find anything specific(no bad news). His Insta is set to private. 


* I don't like doing this to people that I know, but I do have the skills. I think that he might have taken his husband's last name, so this makes things
a bit more challenging.

I hate prying into people's lives. 

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16 minutes ago, ndv said:


Tech me Lord Casek 🙏  so me the way of the Jedi.

Heh. There is a veritable laundry list of books that you should read, but I'd recommend a primer or two




Never use if for bad, NDV. Karma is real. 

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He wrote about a Temple near his pad. Maybe he just went there just to split for a while. You can do that at most Temples. You just live there for a temporary amount of time. You work the kitchen and landscaping and custodial work. Assist the Monks like direct correspondence between the public and the Monks.

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2 minutes ago, lord_casek said:

Is that possible if he has his account set to private?


i believe you still can, although the message won’t go directly to him. It’ll be put in an options box where he can decide to view it. So if he’s not active on Instagram it’s unlikely that he’ll see it any quicker than he sees 12oz

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Guys, I'm giving up on looking. I felt like I was getting too personal trying to find our old friend. I don't mind doing it to bad people, but doing it to people
that I know isn't cool. We'll find out what happened to him eventually. As I said above, i hope he's in full remission and writing a book about photography/mass media. 

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