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Finally watched the whole thing. Was really cool and insightful. Love how dramatic she was on the last night when she wanted to go home. Wish they would have done a streetcar segment. Bus part was mad. And the lady who was looking forward to riding the mta :100:


My boy's grandfather drives the 3 train, or 2.

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Yeah, felt like i said that before.


And yes, the crying was definitely over the top.


I liked the part when they were cleaning outside the station and someone had peed, and she said something when they were finishing up cleaning like people who think the ttc is dirty should come to this station, but they never cleaned up the pee :mask:



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that was just the outside walkway part of that station, though. they probably power wash that shit like once a year, who knows. there are some bathrooms along the line one cant even inhaling in without choking. lol, it may or may not have been less than a week ago that i may or may not have seen a dude pissing in the station, daytime


i feel sorry for all the bus cleaners- thats too much diesel to be huffing on the daily

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Tru..someone's gotta do it but tru.


I remember one time a few years back visiting ny while waiting for the train, there was some lost probably small town goober family on vacation and the dad had to pee so he went into the tunnel and went. He comes back out and the train comes and blows the most overpowering stench of stale urine i have smelled to date all over the platform. I always wondered what was up with that guys pee smelling that strong.

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Wow you came pretty close to winning until I wrote this sentence







































































































































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