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  1. That stuff sells, just not to actual writers. That being said, Nah. Wrong place to showcase.
  2. Re: random thoughts Glorified dog fights.
  3. Re: random thoughts You know what I was thinking that makes no sense at all? The original pokemon had "150, OR MORE TO SEE", but they have to be up to like 500 now. My point is that the hundreds of others just miraculously appeared suddenly and became part of the world as if they had been there all along which they hadn't. Which would be weird for pokemon considered common. Where were they circa 1999 if they're so common? Also some of these new names are ridiculous.
  4. Re: random thoughts Yes. The best they could come up with, and they couldn't even nail it correctly. Maybe that's what they were going for. Purposely corny and disingenuous.
  5. Re: random thoughts Til this day wonder wtf happened to my charmeleon.
  6. Re: random thoughts Clear calculator history...I don't want anyone to see what I was adding and subtracting.
  7. I just don't have the drive. Tpbm hates the witch that cursed them with a button penis
  8. Providing an opposing view point to the women I'm watching the color purple with.
  9. Re: random thoughts Kitchen tv really says you've made it in life. That one black kid on koth always had the dumbest haircut. The bk commercial when the guy pays for his stuff with a burger and the guy reluctantly accepts it and takes a bite and moans like he's just tasted ambrosia. I can't
  10. Re: random thoughts Drake's tattoo shop. Yeah, I suppose so. Stupid af, but you ever have to remind yourself that just tv was in black and white then and not the actual world? Not really but yeah.
  11. Might. Tpbm just watched an alive dog burry a dead dog
  12. False. Tpbm havin claw and tail meat all summer
  13. Re: random thoughts Never knew it was fake
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