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Keepitrail would have just torn off his whole dick














































And eaten it.



i lol'd pretty hard at this, at work, and my boss asked what was so funny........

kinda froze up and didnt know what to say...

uhh, some guy on the internet ate a roadkill deer he found once and now some other guy has a tick on his dick,

so some OTHER dude said the deer eating guy would have just eaten his own dick.

hmmmmm, i think ill keep this one to myself....

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And here I went and took a lit match to the fucker when I had a tic on my dick.

Wish I would've known about that liquid soap trick then.

Learn something new everyday.



First time for every thread I spose...



I thought you were supposed to burn em off, too.

But suffocation makes sense as well.



Anyone else willing to post pics of their tick-dick..?

so I dont have to go around and individually ask people for nudes.




shave your dick man





a nurgas dick is hardly presented in its entirety. quit whining, pussies.


whole lotta props issued though. :lol: :lol:

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ahhhhh fuck. SOME of you fuckers kill me.

already 24'd. this shit should be fixed imo. nurgas

with a billion internets points should be able to prop/(neg)

at will. VIVA LA PROPS!!!(no spanish 0ner)




and the dilsnick is fine. but i fear it was some alien form of new tick breed

cause i did some research to find out what kind it was and i swear i didn't

see the culprits mugshot. . . .

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