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  1. They are one in the same to normal people. I can see how it would be two different things to a WOW playing dork or a room full of Lamba Lamba Lamba nerds though.
  2. Answer the question. You're still contradicting yourself. Cable box would be compared to the modem.
  3. You just admitted that you can turn off your cable without disconnecting it as an example for your argument that you can't turn off your internet without disconnecting the modem. Do you see how you just contradicted yourself?
  4. Well then there you go. When people refer to the internet, they're talking about the "world wide web". World wide web = "internet". Only a fucking dork would correct somebody referring to the "world wide web" as the internet. (Not that that's what you're doing, Swamp) Or get confused at the term "turn the internet off". And ch0 is full of fucking dorks.
  5. So then like I said, he's doing something similar to opening a browser. He's doing something that connects him to the internet. Gotcha.
  6. The cable to my TV is always connected too. Yet there's a button at the top of my remote that still turns it off. And turning my cable off also does nothing to disconnect my cable. It just turns it off. Like clicking the red box with the white X turns my internet off.
  7. Well I'm sure you do something similar to turning on your "browser" in order to connect to the internet.
  8. Kinda like how if you don't turn your TV on for a month you'll still get a cable bill?
  9. It's late. I'm going to bed. Have fun tripping over your disabled thoughts you bunch of speds.
  10. It will not be so when they click the box with the X at the upper right corner of the window.
  11. ^That's because their internet is on!
  12. *Fish-eating as in they ate fish and hence evolved back into the ocean where they could more easilly hunt fish you illiterate fuck.
  13. That's why you're an $8.00 an hour bar bouncer who still lives in your moms homodungeon.
  14. Just like when you click out of the internet, the fucking modem does not unplug itself. Moron.
  15. You cannnot check your email without turning on the internet (browser) first.
  16. I CANNOT GO TO SLEEP WITHOUT TAKING A GUN AND BLOWING MY BRAINS OUT. LOLOLOLOL! YOUR POINT IS INVALID edit - this was me being you, just incase you couldn't grasp that.
  17. And a car is not a train. Yet both can be turned off without removing the engine. :rolleyes:
  18. ^This nigga just said he can check his email without even turning on the internet. :lol:
  19. Or.... you could just click on the red box with the white X.
  20. ^This is pretty a spot on description of you idiots thinking that you have to unplug something in order to turn it off. Then again this is coming from the same morons who nutted yourselves in laughter when I mentioned the scientific fact that whales and dolphins evolved from fish eating dogs. Nothing amazes me anymore when it comes to the collective stupidity of Ch0 heads.
  21. ^This nigga ducking the question by changing the subject. :rolleyes:
  22. This nigga says he's putting his TV on standby mode!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  23. Since when do you have to cut off the gas supply to your oven in order to turn your oven off?
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