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  1. smash all them festival hoes...and then
  2. Been lurkin on anon since these site fools couldn't get the mobile forum working correctly Pretty sure that muscle hoe has a bigger dick than me...trasshhh
  3. What do you call a homo in a wheelchair? Rolaids
  4. Way too much doing it wrong happening lately
  5. Arencebia with the big 16th inning 3 run Jack for the win And owners of the best team logo in baseball
  6. Toking that tumbleweeds right nao
  7. Fucking leafs are shitting the bed like Ottawa! Losing 5-0 to the fucking habs, wtf is that!
  8. New fave Paige Turnah British accent and a massive ass
  9. I grew up in 2 small towns First town had a guy that my.mom knew in high-school dudes name was Tony scrulios one day he cooked up his own acid...took a bad hit and gave himself brain damage. For the last 30 years he's sat infront of his deceased dads rundown tailoring store playing random notes on his car....he's now known as Tony Screwloose Same town there's a dude named Rex who dresses in full Harley Davidson leather gear but doesn't have a motorcycle, locally known as Rex the bikeless biker Move to a small town in Ontario, The chicken man is a guy that rides his bike around town with a live hen on the back of his bike. The chicken apparently fell off a couple times. But I think he died last year. Crazy drug addict named "crazy Carl" lived in a house he built in the local ravine. Finally.my favourite of all, this guy wasn't crazy...just hilarious. Old guy got a bunch of DUIs and lost his ride. Started driving a john Deere lawn mower to the beer store and would cruise with 2-4s on the back
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