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Everything posted by eviltrailer77

  1. Seconded on the trash, also super smash girl Mercer posted.
  2. It wasn't That Ho Over There, it was just a fonetik way to spell it.
  3. Revolvers make sense for some people. People who lack the hand strength, or have degraded dexterity, like the old or handicapped. The manual of arms is much simpler. Wheel guns are pretty fun too, especially like an old school cowboy action hog leg.
  4. Ghost attachments! That shit was always so random and unrelated to the post. The whole Gennifer drama was pretty funny.
  5. Oregon is so awesome, enjoying the trec north. Good beer, good food, and good company.
  6. Gawddamn man, this is the shit of nightmares. The fact that she looks like the fucking joker is just the tip of the iceberg here. Those super hairy thighs, roast beef curtains of doom and stab-wound scars are just icing on the trash cake man.
  7. I am in your debt man. It might have been the last couple weeks catching up, but it worked for me. I closed my eyes and then it was morning.
  8. Meh, it was going to happen here soon anyway, moving and all, but my asshat of a boss found out I was planning on leaving and "laid me off" I was going to wait up till the last day the go Jerry Maguire on him make a huge scene and quit. Anyway, to keep the thread moving... Recent acquisition... Colt model 80, the wife shot one that belongs to a friend at the range and went out and got her one the next day. For what she spent, she could have got more gun, but hey it's her money and it's what she wanted.
  9. Next time you tell somebody about that little mix, you might want to warn them. I took my dosage about an hour before I wanted to go to bed, 30 min later I was like a fucking darted rhino. Slept for a solid 10 hours, good looking out man.
  10. Originally it was Whidbey, but she picked up and lost those orders, now it's "needs of the Navy" somewhere up there, won't know for sure till her promotion is fully processed here in about 2 weeks. I will keep you in mind man, I appreciate it. Just know that I'm not going to do anything stupid, I just need to vent here and there. It IS worse when I'm drinking, and I know it, but fuck man, I gotta get to sleep somehow. For now, I'm just trying to ride out the next month or so, and when we get up there, I'm going to try to get tri-care to give me a doc out in town, so I don't have to "take some Motrin, hydrate, and change my socks". Normally I'm pretty good at holding it all together but I am stretched pretty thin right now. The wife is doing senior leadership indoc, so I'm doing everything here by myself and I don't even know where we are gonna land, smfh. As for the weather, I am from nor cal, fog and drizzle make me all warm and fuzzy inside. I'm actually looking forward to it.
  11. I have been better. Life has a way of throwing you some shitty curveballs. I'm in the middle of packing everything up and moving to WA (the Wife is PCS'ing). In the midst of all that chaos some shit I didn't process or deal with at the time is bubbling up to the surface, demanding it be dealt with now. I haven't slep more than a few hours a nite for weeks. Even then it's more passing out than sleeping. The VA here can't even get me in for a referral for at least 4-5 weeks, but by then I'm gonna be in WA. The Navy Docs just want to put me on Klonopin and send me to AA meetings, so I'm kinda in a shitty place man.
  12. @ Fist, Power tools pay for themselves eventually, do it. I'm selfmedicating, trying to keep it together.
  13. I'm here man, been doing grown man shit. Outta work again so, my schedule has... uh... Opened up as it were.
  14. Smash in the back of the minivan, while her kid is at soccer practice.
  15. As long as he is eating pizza and wearing a Slayer tshirt, the handjerbs are a lock.
  16. Skimmed portions of thread, dude is a yammering sphincter. That is all
  17. Roller coaster floors and wavy walls, oh yeah. You really hooked me up on this shit man. I will provide "after" pics when it's done. I had to quit for the night tho, my knees are on fire.
  18. At this point I'm about to just call a carpenter and have them trim it out, it is looking to be beyond my skill level. And watching vids of Norm Abrams do it is just making me more pissed at my lack of skills. Edit: CIL came thru with the Jedi like guidance! I'm off to Home Depot!
  19. Put up some breadboards in the dining room, now the trim is kicking my ass, help Cilone-Kenobi, you're my only hope!
  20. True, Señor Seat may be a troll, but he is our troll. TPBM is going to blow their tax return on trivial shit, because fuck it.
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