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  1. Some dudes are so scared to hear the word "no".
  2. Nah mang, dog fish are pretty well known and common. A lot of people in Europe eat them and they are actually a pretty important commercial fishery. Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spiny_dogfish. Plus if you have ever fished in coastal waters anywhere except the tropics you have either had them steal your bait, break your line, steal half the fish you are reeling in... or like me, reel one in only to have the fucker stab the fuck out of your hand as youre trying to be the nice guy and put him back. Back on topic, the crab pot sounds like a great idea.
  3. I don't know if this belongs here or the nonsense thread.
  4. It was more of a lack of viable competition in that timeframe (1989-93) here in the states. Nissan wouldn't import the Skyline. The F-body (Camaro/Firebird), Mustang and Corvette where all older designs that had yet to be wrapped in "updated" body work. The Supra and RX7 were still boxy holdovers as well. The TT was a radical departure from the norm in the US and the auto press came their pants over it. Giving it several awards thus generating a huge buzz. People that could afford to went out in droves and bought the TT, those that couldn't, bought the base model "for the look". So now you can pick up a TT in good shape for under $8,000 all day long, and an N/A for less still. Combine that with the robust aftermarket here and that's a pretty tempting combo for a high school or university student that doesn't have a whole lot of cash to throw around. As for the Soarer, I can't explain that. Edit: I totally misunderstood your statement, but my explanation of why the 300zx remains popular in the states stands.
  5. I never gave any thought to her aging, my forethought at that age normally only extended to the end of the week, end of the month max.
  6. It's a small shark thats pretty prevalent in the bay. They get about 3 feet max, and are not above some scavenging.
  7. The salinity level of the bay isnt enough to perserve it, if it was no fish would ever decompose. If you put in the ocean though, it's just as likely to get fucked up as on land. If it floats the gulls will give it hell, if not The dogfish will fuck with it too. If you could find a shallow pool, the crabs would make quick work of it.
  8. I'm a fan of a bit of meat on them bones, but that, that is out of bounds. That bitch is wide as all outside. She is to that level of fat where the pussy starts to look like it has down syndrome. Trash, trash, trash.
  9. Yep, the tv wasn't just a tv, it was a hefty piece of furniture. I don't remember ours having a turn table in it but this is pretty close. It would have to warm up for a while before the picture was right.
  10. Had a thing for this chick back in the day, like American Histiory X timeframe, but damn... She did not age well
  11. I think the Titians are better than people give them credit for, and if Fitztragic can just step up and be a game manager they shouldn't take too much of a hit. Unrelated, but funny.
  12. Shit thats hi tech We had to get the one with the dial, because the TV was so goddamned old it didn't have a coax jack, the thing was built in to a wood cabinet that also had an 8-track built in to it for fucks sake. I was the remote, "Change the channel boy! You're going too fast, I can't see what's on you numb-nuts!'
  13. I think the Fins are going to be exposed tonite, There is a good chance The Saints throw the ball down their throats and their secondary isn't up to the task of stopping somebody like Brees. I could be wrong but that's what I see happening. I also see the Colts-Titans as too close to call. Especially now that Jake Locker will only miss a month.
  14. Skinamax titty porn was a luxury I didn't have. We got 3 channels, PBS and 2 of the big three. All piped in to the house for free, via massive antenna on the roof, that I had to climb up and fuck with during bad weather. Then football switched over to one of the channels we didnt get so my cheapskate ass old man splurged. Only the cheapest and most basic cable packages for the ET household.
  15. I would say Broncos and Chiefs are at the top of the AFC right now. With the Colts and Titans on the bubble. Last week I would have included the Bungles in there too, but they managed to go down to the Browns. I hesitate to add the Pats in there because the wins they have, have been ugly and against teams they should have stomped. In this thread and other places I had voiced the opinion that Matt Flynn was a good QB, but just not the right choice for Oakland due to the O-line situation. That Pryor wasn't ready, and if the protection was better, he wouldn't be starting. After yesterday I would just like to come out and say "I was so wrong". Matt Flynn is a fucking bitch, he shouldn't be on any NFL roster, and maybe not even in the Arena League. He blew a 14 point lead, and caused the Raiders to lose a game, that by all rights, they should have won.
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