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  1. The crazy homeless have been running while on the nyc subway for too long, pitching tent cities in the trains now too. The transit police are no longer allowed to kick them out of the system but something must be done. They are causing a lot of interruptions in service.
  2. I wonder if I still have some saved in an old photobucket account somewhere, I’ll have to try and dig
  3. What’s up buddy. ill happily buy one too as well raven.
  4. I don’t understand streetwear memes anymore https://www.instagram.com/raf_semens/?hl=en
  5. oh bruvs whats some cool ig accounts to follow i dig this guys travels https://www.instagram.com/marcher.arrant/?hl=en
  6. Love the success for a 12oz alumni.
  7. https://www-m.cnn.com/2018/07/30/us/dolphin-whale-hybrid-intl/index.html
  8. Just arrived at work, 3rd shift sucks
  9. Trying to fold clothes and organize new records.
  10. Black yeezy 500, I don’t even know why
  11. I still have a post card tucked away somewhere from one of you fuckers, was it you baker?
  12. Does 29 count as midlife? Did I really spend all of highschool here? Well I’ve graduated highschool since then. Still living in on the same place, my neighborhood hasn’t been taken over or gentrified yet. Working a dope city job now, god bless unions. I have a blossoming music channel where I upload samples and songs from forgotten vinyl records. Oh I collect electronic records now as well. Plans are in action to become a home owner soon, so house party at my place yall
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