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Plasma? LCD? LED?

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Hey fellas, was wondering if someone might be able to give me some clarity on this.... What is the difference between these types of TV's aside from cost? I assume that plasmas are the weaker of the the 3 based on cost alone, and have been told that they run hot which can cause images being burnt into the screen...however, frys electronics had 50" samsung plasmas on sale for $500..which makes this much more lucrative. Thanks in advance.

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I stopped watching television.

A $3000 LCD now serves as a dust collector and an occasional ipod charger.

It's beautiful.

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don't buy plasma


buy LED if you have the money, buy LCD if you don't.


i'm super happy with my LCD.

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if possible i would wait until dec. to buy a new TV prices are dropping like mad. And like fist said if you have the cash get an LED if not get a LCD and stay away from a Plasma.


There are going to be huge price drops come black friday. Manufactors have a surplus of TV's right and that is the reason your going to see huge price drops. If you live in cali i can you samsung TV's at cost..

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Depending on your setup.


In a basement or a living room with little windows, plasma is a good bang for the bucks.


Plasma if glare is not an issue, is a great choice for gaming and sports since you get fast response even with mid level units.


Lcd is a good all arounder, no glare issues since a lot of units have matte finish.

A fast 400mhz unit can give you great service when used in gaming / sports applications.



Just dont do like most kids and blow 2k on a Fucking huge unit when you can have a top spec slightly smaller screen. Because a plasma or lcd screen have a long life span, and when you figure out your image sucks after a week, you still have like 5 years of teh sucks ahead.



Oh yeah and, honestly: get that service plan. Shipping a 58 inches tv back to the manufacturer to get a 3 to 6 month turnaround delay is a total paint in the ass.


When gou get a service plan at a place like futureshop they lend you a replacement unit, they pick up the tv at your doorsteps and they cover dead pixels and surge wich are not covered by manufacturers warranty. Worst case scenario they fix it quick. Best case scenario: its permafucked and they replace it with a equivalent up to date unit.



/workingatfutureshoponer aka /wontsellthewarrantytoyousononeedtolieoner

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I keep my room pretty much blacked out, so glare is no issue for me and my plasma is perfect, great picture.


My living room is a little bit brighter, so I do notice a bit of a glare on the plasma in there sometimes. Also, when watching sports that TV sometimes tracks badly. It's the best for video gaming I've ever seen though, and usually if I'm sitting out there I'm playing 2K11 anyways

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Plasma is on the way out for a reason.




Samsung, Sony, LG


not necessarily in that order, but personally I'd buy in that order.


Since you have a Fry's near you, how available are you black friday? They have some retarded deals on black friday.. at least they did last year. You'd have to get there stupid early, but it's a couple hours or a couple hundred dollars.


Never buy a floor model.


Fry's Electronics has the same service as futureshop when it comes to warranties. Generally you can buy one, three and five years



That 50 inch plasma for 500 --

Can it do 1080p? 240hz? I doubt it.


if you must, nothing less than 1080i and 120hz.


LED uses less energy than LCD

LCD uses less energy than Plasma

Plasma, seriously, don't bother.


If you can afford LED buy it. It'll make up for it in the energy bill eventually. (depending on how often you use your TV)


I did home theater installation for a couple years. I still do some work for old customers. PM me if you have any questions.


And whatever you do, if you buy a brand you have never heard of, usually you can expect to purchase a new tv within the next couple of years.

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