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  1. Looks rad! I've been wanting to do chichen itza for a long time... I'll remember not to expect any gas stations on the way now.
  2. Leave the dogs out of it. They didn't steal any recipes, right? The most a dog is going to try to steal from your restaurant is a t-bone.
  3. Nekst was a legend in his own time, and left behind a body of work that ensures he will never be forgotten. RIP to an inspiration and a true writer's writer.
  4. Great shots! Thanks for posting. Traveling is without a doubt one of the most rewarding ways I've found to spend my time and money.
  5. Go to Wynwood area. There's more walls of top notch graffiti than you would be able to imagine. With Basel so close, you might even be able to paint a spot or two around there without hassle, although it will most likely get painted over when everyone arrives in a few weeks.
  6. New York cops are the fucking worst. Beat officers have even been admitting lately that the policies of the department are forcing them to harass and arrest people over bullshit that neither party thinks is fair, which is resulting in an increasingly shared view that it's civilians verses the police, rather than the police being a force to protect and serve the populace. Add on to that multiple high profile stories of on or off duty cops raping women, all the stories about stop and frisk searches being flagrantly increased despite numerous reports that it doesn't actually do anything to decrease crime rates, and numerous videotaped instances of brutality against unarmed and nonviolent suspects, protestors, and members of the press, and it's starting to look like this city is headed the way of LA in the early 90s.
  7. Hot damn! i thought the days of scores like that were basically over...
  8. Dinosaur is fantastic. I think Fette Sau and Pies and Thighs are both over rated though. Hill Country is also really good. And Jake's BBQ in Red Hook is alright.
  9. Walk the whole High Line. It's dope. Since you're right there, I actually recommend doing it in both the daytime and the evening. When you get to the North end of it, there's the Chelsea galleries, which you can usually find some good shit in if you just wander around. Most of the galleries are closed Siunday and Monday though. The Joshua Liner gallery has a big ESPO show coming up in a couple of weeks-- I don't know if that's after your trip. Not much else I can recommend in that immediate area besides the galleries though. It's pretty dead around there. If you want a drink right nearby, Brass Monkey is alright. Hogs and Heifers is the place they based Coyote Ugly on-- go there if you want to hang out with off-duty cops and tourists, and have skank bartenders try to insult you. That and almost everything else in the neighborhood is ultra douchey, but great girl watching. Hector's diner is a block from the hotel and is actually pretty good if you want cheap food. The diner on the corner of 9th and 14th is also decent. Basil Artichoke's is pretty close to you; I'm not wild about their pizza, but some people say it's one of the best in NY, so you might want to try it if you're into that sort of thing. If you go to the Chelsea Market a few blocks away, there's a pretty good food court. Some of it is crazy expensive, but the Australian dub pie spot is pretty reasonable, and is one of my favorite places to eat around there. If you're looking for a more expensive meal in the area, Buddokhan, Pastis, and Homestead Steakhouse are all pretty good. If you like sushi, hit Morimoto. They have good lunchtime specials there too.
  10. Nice stuff dude. You're living the dream. If anyone tells you otherwise, they're living some bullshit version of the dream that some asshole told them was legit.
  11. Re: Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch Has Cancer, Tour And Album Postponed I saw one of the shows they did promoting the mix up, and it was awesome. I've seen a few other shows where they just rapped, but seeing them actually play instruments live was even more fun.
  12. Addams Family is arriving at my friend's bar on the 16th. Pumped.
  13. Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA "I have found that when you have a problem, the best way to handle it is: two lazy tries, then if they don't work, go all out with no room for error."
  14. Re: Any Pre-2006 members on anymore? I just stopped in to welcome all the new mods.
  15. Damn, that Evapo-Rust worked nice. Good to know.
  16. I haven't heard from him in a few days, so I assume he won and is in space already. Thanks everyone!
  17. Aww, you scumbags are the best. Thanks everyone... I let him know that if he wins, he owes the ounce a photo thread.
  18. Unless they're terrible and they annoy me, I usually give a buck to anyone playing music on the street/ subway. At least they're doing something, y'know? One time, I was having a pretty shitty day and was really stressed out about a bunch of petty bullshit. I was waiting for a train, and some dude in the station was playing guitar and singing, and I recognized a few of the songs from records my dad used to play when I was growing up. I wound up skipping two trains and listening to this dude for almost half an hour. It completely turned my day around. This doesn't really have anything to do with the article, but I think it's cool when talented musicians just play somewhere like that. And I know you guys like coolstorybros.
  19. Thanks to everyone who has voted. I'm 24'd but I'll get you guys.
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