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  1. and anonymous just took down http://www.universalmusic.com and http://www.justice.gov
  2. megaupload is gone and us officials have arrested two of its founders, neither of which are american citizens, in new zealand
  3. try buckfast and milk, tastes like a fuckin calpol milkshake
  4. thats the problem, i dont know how to move on from this
  5. fair enough, my mistake
  6. hahahahaha that is unbelievable, where did you bite the others from?
  7. this shit is nice, also bump romero DSC00444 by ASPEK, on Flickr i dont know what to think about this one, probably wont finish it DSC00459 by ASPEK, on Flickr
  8. big krit - returnof4eva mixtape http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqvvWl6tYBw mr muthafuckin exquire thundercat- some jazzy,instrumental hip hop sorta shit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8nuH6SKtNU&list=FLt8KNlUb87lpxhKb5FlQtUg&index=2&feature=plpp_video new phonte, 9th wonder danny brown is terrible, new roots aint bad
  9. id like to see this with a solid pink 3d and none of them planet things in the fill and this shit would go hard
  10. its gone, im an idiot for even posting it in the first place. just didnt think
  11. i think your styles dope but theres something i really dont like about this piece. i think it could be that the outline is really thin and it looks sort of sketchy if you get what i mean? id like to see a piece of yours with a nice thick outline and no 3d, it would suit you letters better maybe
  12. i think she wants you to be all sensual with candles and all that shit... but go ahead and do this
  13. rubbish, skeme only painted for 3 or 4 years and look what he done dude stfu, that shits got nothing to do with you. the only reason you think that is cause your a super tough graffiti writer yo
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