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Breaking Bad


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Wow take a look at this guys......









Looks like Walt is wearing a wire. "it was purposely focused on right here and it’s really visible, and in breaking bad EVERYTHING MEANS SOMETHING. vince gilligan recently said that even he doesn’t know what he’s gonna do with this scene next year but still. "

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I remember reading a whole article about the wire. It was interesting to say the least. Although in other scenes from the flash forward in the first episode it wasn't visible. It seems like he will strike a deal with Hank to get a lighter sentence. Or it could also be wires for a bomb. He's very fond of those you know.

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I'd like to see him direct an episode, but if Vince doesn't get to close out his own show I think that'd be kinda wack. He killed it with the season 4 finale, it's his baby, I hope he does the last episode.


Cranston already slated to direct the first one next year.


*First theory I've seen with a wire, but I do believe that may just be a crease in his shirt.

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I read the article too but dismissed it right away because only 1 of the 3 photos in the article looked like a wire but it was close up and couldn't tell if from BB or not. Now I see.


Could it be a Teflon vest? A poorly designed one? Like from that trucker..




test links:






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Yeah I agree with you Bloody. Vince should definitely close out the show. Maybe the 2nd to last episode would be cool rolling into a crazy finale by Vince.


The wire to a bomb theory is good. Definitely possible, thinking maybe Walt has nothing left to lose. Maybe his whole family is gone/dead, and this is sort of a last resort to blow himself up along with whoever he is trying to get, if he can't pull it off with guns or whatever.


I don't think it's a vest only because of the positioning isn;t covering what a vest is supposed to cover. Maybe it is? Maybe it was put there to make people bug out like we're doing now. Thinking/Talking about it all year wondering whats going to happen. This is the genius of this show.

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OK, so it's obvious HANK caught on from what we can see at the end of the last episode. Think back a couple episodes when WALT called MIKE and warned him that the cops were coming for him while he was at the park with grandchild....WALT just loves to place warning calls now doesn't he?


You may also remember how HANK was warned right before the brothers were coming to slay him in the DEA parking lot... ""2 MEN ARE COMING TO KILL YOU IN 1 MINUTE."" yeah, there was a voice changer but come on, it had to be WALT that warned him.... So, to sum it up, HANK owes WALT his life wouldn't you say??????!!!!????

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Related stories - Breaking Bad style:





"A soldier stands guard in front of “chemical reactors” used in the manufacturing of the meth confiscated in yesterday’s bust. Tlajomulco de Zuniga, Mexico."



"My gums are receding and turning black just looking at this photo. This is to Breaking Bad what the Titanic is to the rubber ducky in my bathtub."


"15 tons of pure methamphetamine worth $4 billion were seized yesterday at a ranch outside of Guadalajara in the Mexican state of Jalisco.


The superlabs in Mexico are operating on a scale that is mindboggling. This haul alone was enough meth to get 13 million people wired to the gills."




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William Duncan, Chemistry Teacher,


Allegedly Sells Meth — Real-Life


‘Breaking Bad’?


"He’d better call Saul.


William Duncan, a 42-year-old chemistry teacher in Cass County, Texas, is accused of cooking and selling meth, KLTV reports.


Duncan was caught selling methamphetamine to undercover police officers in the parking lot of the junior high school where he teaches, Police Chief Alton McWaters told the station.


McWaters added that he has known Duncan for a long time and was “real surprised” to find him engaging in such activity.


Duncan has been charged with manufacturing a controlled substance and delivery of a controlled substance in a drug-free zone. He has been placed on administrative leave, according to the Houston Press.


The teacher’s arrest has drawn comparisons to AMC’s “Breaking Bad.” Walter White, the TV show’s lead character, is a high school chemistry teacher who turns to cooking and selling meth to pay for his cancer treatment.


Duncan isn’t the the first to receive this comparison. In August, an Alabama man by the name of Walter White made Tuscaloosa County’s most-wanted list after he allegedly violated his probation in a methamphetamine manufacturing case."







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